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My coaching, mentoring, webinars, workshops, and seminar programs are designed specifically for small business owners who want to have more fun in business and build businesses that sustain them for years to come.

The Ten Things You Must Do To Make Your Business Value Go Up

Secret #6: Make sure no customer is responsible for more than 10% of your revenue if you want potential buyers to get excited about your business.
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The Opposite of Overwhelm and How to Get There

“Where you direct your gaze on a motorcycle is where the bike will automatically want to follow. When spotting a pothole, focus on where you want to go instead if you want to avoid breaking your fork.”
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Competition, Growth and the Red Queen

competition and growth Growth is irrelevant. I’m not sure who ever made growth such a focus in business, but he (and it’s guaranteed to be a he, btw) should have been strangled at birth.
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Build your business with Snapchat

snapchat seniors business Wait, what? Snapchat is that thing the kids use, right? To send the pictures that disappear in a few seconds. That’s not a business app. Or is it?
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How To Find a Great Business Coach

how to find a business coach When my coaching engagements work really well, they do so because we get the three big questions right and when they don’t, the problem is always about those same three questions as well
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How do you Sell to a Generation That Hates Ads

millenials smart phones Outreach that once caught the attention of teens and 20-somethings simply isn’t turning heads today and, in fact, is considered an annoyance by people in that age range.
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A small business mentor will change your world

business mentoring Being in a mentoring relationship with someone whether as mentor or mentee can be incredibly rewarding for both parties. It certainly has been that for me as much as for the people I’ve mentored
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Future Proofing Your Business With Profit

business profit invest The first thing you have to do with your profit, is collect it. Profit is no good to you if it’s in the the bank accounts of your clients. This may seem an obvious point, but you’d be surprised how many small business owners I work with make profit, and yet can’t pay their bills.
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Baby pink living rooms and decisions about fatherhood

Decision Making I do regret various inappropriate emotional outbursts at different times in my life (just yesterday as a matter of fact), but no matter how deep I dig, I can’t find any moments in my life where looking back now, I say: “I wish I’d taken the other fork in the road”.
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Make sweet love to your customers and watch your business grow

Marketing Plan Business Love If you make the focus of your business to turn your customers, all of them into Raving Fans, you’ll never have to do any other marketing, because they’ll do it for you, and better yet, they’ll do it for free.
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