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The New Perspectives One-Page Planning workshops™

Incorporating  my books: “The Ten Truths Building a Great Growth Company” and the forthcoming “The Ten Truths for having Fun in Business”

More about “The Ten Truths for Business Owners” trilogy here: thetentruths.com.au 

growth pyramid The One-Page Planning workshops™ are designed to help business owners create a unique and powerful business plan on one page. The illustration on the left shows the pyramid on which the “New Perspectives one-page business plan” is built.
The program includes a number of unique tools and resources to help business owners gain great clarity on the focus, direction and strategies in their business. The one-page-plan will allow the business owner to communicate his vision and strategies to his team and other stakeholders and engage the tema to all pull in the same direction.
If you want to build a business that sustains you and your people for years to come, this program will build help you build a foundation that will stand the test of time like no other.

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The first step to engage with this process (if you are in Sydney) is come to one of the monthly “Small Business Masterminds workshops” on the second Thursday of each month in the evening in Potts Point, click on the button on the left.

The second step is to have a discovery conversation with me. There are various ways in which the program can be run, depending on your needs.  It may be that you want your team involved in all or part of the workshops or you simply want to go through the process one-on-one with me, Roland Hanekroot.

I look forward to build the foundations for long term success, growth and development with you.

Please contact me on

or mb 0404490012

Here are some resources dealing with One-Page-Business-Planning

One page strategic planning resources