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All of my coaching, mentoring, webinar and seminar programs below are designed specifically for small business owners who want to Have more Fun in business and build businesses that sustain them for years to come. The programs are developed around my acclaimed “The Ten Truths” books for business owners (more about the books here) and aim to help business owners come to grips with “The Ten Truths” and to provide support to implement the Truths in their business.

The varying programs are appropriate at different stages in your development as a business owner and at every stage in the business development cycle. These are the different programs:

“Having Roland’s support and guidance is like being infused with 20 years’ experience in six months”

The Small Business Masterminds™ webinars


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Each webinar covers one of “The Ten Truths” as featured in my books. The webinars are interactive and fast paced. Lots of valuable insights and resources will lead you to great clarity and insight and you’ll walk away with one or more simple practical steps that will start to change your business and your life.

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Follow this link to read about this month’s webinar and book in. The webinars are normally priced at $49 for a one-off attendance, but the first time is free to allow you to check out how my Fun in business programs can change your life.

“In the brief 6 month period it took to complete Roland’s ‘Fun in business intensive for Small Business’ we transformed a small, work from home, Architecture practice into a beautiful new expanded vibrant business.”

Fun in business intensive


The New Perspectives Fun in business intensive program is a transformative 6 to 12 month business coaching, guy with dumbellsmentoring and leadership development program designed for small business owners who want to build Fun businesses and who are ready to get stuck into doing so now.

The program combines accountability, support, brainstorming and advice with with coaching and mentoring methodologies that simply work… I promise you.

More information about the Fun in Business Intensive on this webpage


“I can’t recommend Roland enough to any business owner who wants to grow their business strongly, they will benefit enormously from his ongoing advice and support.”

The Small Business Board Sessions


The Small business Board sessions program is a program designed to provide small business owners with a true advisory board for their business.

Why you should care:

Most small business owners feel overwhelmed and alone from time to time. There isn’t anybody to brainstorm and share stuff with. The Small Business Boards are small groups (max 6) of small business owners who commit to support each other and hold each other accountable  and come together for that purpose once a month.

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If you think you’d like to have a Board of your peers to support you and to hold you accoutable to your Goals every month, follow this link to find out more

“Make no mistake; for one person, Roland is a power house of ability, knowledge, support and wisdom”

Fun in business and Purpose in business workshops and webinars


I deliver customised powerful business development workshops and webinars on many topics from Fun in Business and Purpose to time management and Leadership to groups small business owners in various industries.

The workshops can and will be tailored to your needs.

More information here

“For the first time in 8 years I have been able to take a mid year holiday”




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