Why New Perspectives?


  • I believe most small business owners operate in a state of Overwhelm
  • I believe each small business is as unique as its owner
  • I believe change can only happen outside your comfortzone
  • I believe that profit can not be the ultimate Purpose of business
  • I believe that the opposite of Scarcity is not Abundance, but rather “Enough”

Why does New Perspectives exist?

To help small business owners out of a state of Overwhelm and to have Fun in Business and build businesses that sustain them for years to come.

How do I do that?

Through a mixture of Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Support and Accountability

What do I offer?

Aims of The New Perspectives Fun in Business Intensive™

  • To support Small Business Owners to have Fun in Business
  • To put small business owners back in control of their life and their business
  • To to build businesses that sustain all that are touched by the business for years to come
  • To be a vehicle for change, challenge, excitement, growth and learning.

The New Perspectives Business Coaching”Tag”:

Have more Fun in Business and build a business that sustains you for years to come

The “Core” or “Guiding Principles” of New Perspectives Business Coaching

  • I act in accordance with the ICF code of Ethics
  • I have “Unconditional Positive Regard” for my clients
  • I have a “Solutions Focus”
  • Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t
  • My structures are based on achieving measurable Goals.
  • I keep things as simple as possible, and no simpler
  • I pursue all opportunities with passion and enthusiasm or not at all
  • My time, knowledge, experience and energy are valuable and I charge for them appropriately

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