3 Letters that Will Change Your Business and Your Life

gates of hell

3 Letters that will Change Your Business & Your Life

I’ve had a blinding insight and I am keen to share it with you all.

You know how most of us small business owners feel overwhelmed, inadequate and guilty half our waking life… the little voice on our shoulders that just keeps haranguing us about all the stuff we are not doing or not doing well enough?

Do we focus on profit, or cash, or customer satisfaction, or staff engagement, or lead generation, or leadership or setting visions and goals, or HR systems, or strategy or succession planning or sales and conversions, or systems and procedures and operation manuals, or diversification or accelerating growth and marketing directions or quality management or risk minimisation or or or…

No sleep

No wonder we can’t sleep at night… no brain in the universe could ever effectively focus on so many key aspects of a system at once… you just can’t do it.
gates of hell

And the light at the end of the tunnel might just be the gates of hell!


So how do we choose what to focus on, what to put in the forefront of our mind from day to day, as business owners?

I can tell you, there is one aspect of business that cuts through all of the different priorities and by relentlessly focusing on it, you will drive your business to where you’d like it to be and find peace from the little voice on your shoulder in the process.

What is that aspect… that miracle KPI?

A three letter word… FUN

A three letter word… FUN

Oh I can hear your little voices screaming at me from here… “As if”… “This is business we’re talking about here”… “Business is serious stuff, contracts, profit, cash, pipelines, occupational health and safety… don’t talk to us business owners about Fun”… ”
Hrmppfffff…. We haven’t got time for fun”… “We haven’t got time to go to the gym and look after our health… We haven’t had time to take our son to soccer training for the past 4 years… We certainly can’t afford to focus on having fun, we’ve got to get cash in the door… Today”…

paint ball“I tried doing paint ball outings once a year and casual Fridays and all that stuff and it hasn’t made one bit of difference”

Hear me out…

Ask yourself these questions: What are the times you have had the most fun you’ve ever had in the past years while running your business.?
The times when your whole body just hummed… The time when it felt as if time stood still… when you were just totally engaged in what you were doing?

Weren’t they the times when:

  • You got a note from a customer thanking you for the great job you’d done?
  • Or the time when you signed a contract or sold an order that was bigger than any orders you’d had before
  • Or the time when you had enough cash reserves in your bank account to just pay the tax bill when it was due?
  • Or the time when you were working with your staff as if you were all on the same soccer team… Winning the game you were playing?
  • Or the time you delivered your product or project and stood back and felt a real proud smile cross your lips… “Job well done?”

I bet you when those things happened there wasn’t a little voice on your shoulder banging on about the stuff you hadn’t done that day or week… The little voice fell silent…Didn’t it?


And that is exactly the kind of fun I am talking about … Real FUN.

You see when business is fun… REAL FUN… it means everything is working, and when business isn’t fun, I guarantee you there are one or more things not working the way they should.

When business is fun:

  • It means you are making profit,
  • It means you are collecting your cash
  • It means you staff are engaged and they just don’t leave
  • It means you have customers who simply can’t get enough of you
  • It means you are proud of what you do and you have a life too.

Would you like some of that?

Of course you do

Ok, so in April I will tell you what the 4 steps are to start focusing on fun, REAL FUN, in your business

Try it out …

In the mean time … Why don’t you start to think about how you can have some more fun in your business tomorrow… Next week… What would make business more fun next week?

Maybe if you collected some of your outstanding debts and got some more cash in the bank this coming week… Would that make business more fun? I bet it would.

Think about it.


Roland Hanekroot

Call me if you’d like to explore how I can help you have more FUN in your business.. Or come to the next Small Business Masterminds workshop… click here

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