Case histories and testimonials

from real business owners

Most of my clients have achieved amazing results in my business coaching and development programs, here are some of the testimonials and contact details of some of them:

Danny Broe, Danny Broe Architects

Roland has been my coach for a year and it has made a huge difference to both my business and to me as a business person. His comprehensive and highly organised approach ensured that I achieved all my goals ! my revenue has improved, our marketing, culture, financial systems and my personal approach to business and even life has improved.

I highly recommend Roland to any business small or big and have loved the journey Roland has taken me on.

Danny Broe, Danny Broe Architects, danny@dannybroearchitect.com ph: +61 407 226 667

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Mark Burgess, Burgess Systems Consulting

We had reached a point in our business growth where we were ready to take the next step, but were stuck in being able to move forward. So many of the challenges Roland mentions in his work rung true for me. Roland worked with us to help achieve structure and direction in our business and set the foundation for future growth.

Roland’s methodical approach of linking the daily challenges to the near and long term goals worked very well for us particularly during times of rapid change and uncertainty.

I would recommend any small business owner who is faced with the challenges of growth have a chat to Roland.

Mark Burgess, Burgess Systems Consulting, mark@burgess-consulting.com.au ph: +61 405 484 455

Adam and Lisa Grice, Southern Removals

Southern Removals is a traditional husband and wife family business in the Southern Highlands in New South Wales. My wife Lisa and I engaged Roland and New Perspectives Business Coaching to help us take our Family Business to the next level in 2016. We’d run the business for some years and it paid the bills and created happy customers and staff,but we felt stuck and overwhelmed as a couple and as business owners. We were both passionate about the business and believed there were wonderful opportunities ahead, but simply didn’t know how to take advantage of them.

Working with Roland for a year has put us in the right position. We have become clear on our roles and responsibilities in the business, feeling more confident and relaxed and the business is growing profitably again.

Thanks Roland for all your help, patience and understanding.

Adam and Lisa Grice, Southern Removals, Bowral, lisa@southernremovals.com.au ph: +61-411-135-803

More about family business, it’s promises and its challenges here.

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Cato Rutherford, Lift Performance Centre

Working with Roland has had a profound effect on me, my business and most importantly my profits.

Week in week out we tackled every aspect of my business. Roland directed my education, kept me accountable and kept me on track.

I have recommended other business owners to work with Roland, and will continue to do so.

Cato Rutherford:  email: cato@liftperformancecentre.com.au ph: +61404388885

“Roland has been an integral part of the success of QE Foodstores, for many years now and I trust will remain so for years to come.”

(Narinder Badhan Singh QE Foodstores)

James France, Vanguard Luxury Brands

I worked with Roland during a the most turbulent year my six-year-old business has faced so far.  Roland forced me to address the hard issues and in doing so, I have made changes which have saved me over $50,000 per year.  We refined my business’s reason for being, setting a clear mission which I now stick to like glue.  Roland also pushed me to make a number of changes to my accounting systems to give me a far more accurate P&L.  It wasn’t all plain sailing – in a couple of cases it was very uncomfortable and once we had a full-on and very heated argument.  But I stayed with Roland as my business coach and I’m so glad I did.  My business is transformed and in a really strong place now.

James France, 1300DRINKS or james@vanguardluxurybrands.com

“Working with Roland taught me the correct way to run a business and more importantly, run it so that I can spend more time with my family”.

Mark Nashaty, On the Go Plumbing, email: mark@onthegoplumbing.com.au

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Jo Lincoln, RedesignIT

“Since meeting Roland, well, what can I say? My business and my life was totally transformed. I engaged Roland after feeling like I didn’t know what I was doing; I had a business, worked all day and all night but was finding I wasn’t making the amount of money equal to the time I was putting in, and I didn’t know whether I should just chuck it all in. After some online research I watched some of his videos and had a feeling that maybe ‘this guy’ might be able to help me sort out what I wanted to do or at least make some sort of decision about the future of my career.

Through the Fun In Business Intensive program, Roland helped me to uncover the purpose of my business and I think for me that was the key that unlocked everything else. He is so focused on you, being the heart of your business, to help you create the business that you want, not just what you think you ‘should’ be doing, but what works for you, your life, your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and simply reading books and listening to speakers won’t give you the help you need to really make you and your business happy and healthy in the same way as the Fun In Business Intensive program does.

I can’t thank Roland enough for what he has done for me and my business. For anyone out there who isn’t getting what they want from their business, finds themselves working too much and earning too little or even sometimes simply finds themselves questioning why they do what they do my recommendation is to stop holding back, jump on the New Perspectives website and book in a coffee or Skype date with Roland.

It changed many aspects of my life for the better and totally transformed my business.”

Jo Lincoln, RedesignIT email: jo@redesignit.com.au mb: +61400500006

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“Working with Roland transformed Little Flowers from a hobby to a business”.

Sarah Regan Little Flowers, email: sarah@littleflowers.com.au

Brent Tamati, Direct Building Solutions

I was very fortunate to be introduced to Roland last year, I had never worked with a business coach before but I’m a big believe that the right people will come into your life when you are ready, and Roland turned up right at the right time.

When we first met my Business was just surviving, cash flow was poor to none and it wasn’t enjoyable.

I signed up with Roland for a year and the journey began.

Roland understood the issues and challenges that was in front of me,and help me tackle them head on. The journey was confronting at time but very rewarding once we over came the challenge at hand.

Roland helped me install the right systems into my business and helped put all the missing pieces together to form a business that is now performing 100% better on all fronts: It’s making profit, my clients love our work and my staff love working with me, and It’s a lot of Fun.”

I would highly recommend Roland to anyone with want to enjoy their life and have money in their back pocket to do so.

Brent Tamati, Direct Building Solutions, email: brent@directbuildingsolutions.com.au mb: 0408-423-848

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“Roland helped transform my business daydreams in to a practical, pragmatic and actionable plan… and then we delivered it!”

Adrian Black, Blackline Retail, Design and Construct, email: adrian@blacklineretail.com.au

Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell

Roland is a very astute coach and seems able to apply his skills to all sorts of businesses. I wanted to find out ways of reshaping my company to enjoy my work more and get back to doing the things that made me choose my vocation in the first place. Roland helped me do this has re-energised me and my company.

Michael Thomas Hill, Lightwell, email: mthill@lightwell.com.au

Martin Paul, More Strategic

I was too busy trying to deliver business to actually run and grow the business and decided a business coach might help. I really wanted someone with whom I felt a “values” based connection and I really felt that from the first conversation with Roland. The last year of working together has been transformative, challenging and yes, fun. Roland has been a great sounding board, an agent provocateur when needed and a calming voice of confidence when I have wavered. The business is now 5 people, we have a healthy pipeline, some great products under design and most of the systems to know if we are no track. Thanks Roland for being a great guide on this tricky journey from business doer to business leader.

Martin Paul: email: martin@morestrategic.com.au, ph: +61435 306 202

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Brad Chapman, BIC Constructions

Before I engaged Roland, my business made little money, controlled majority of my life and mostly wasn’t much Fun.

Through Roland’s ground up approach, I now have a far greater understanding of the fundamentals of my business. I’m now analysing many aspects of the business from profit and costs through to client acquisition and client management. Confidence with these fundamentals has now given me peace of mind and control over my business.

In the weekly one-on-one sessions we totally transformed my life and my business.

Having a coach like Roland that actually cares about you and your business is a great experience, and i’m well on my way to finally having FUN in business!!

I wouldn’t hesitate for a second in recommending Roland to any business owner looking to take their business to the next level. “
Brad Chapman, 0438753062, brad@bicconstruction.com.au

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James France, Vanguard Luxury Brands

I worked with Roland during a the most turbulent year my six-year-old business has faced so far.  Roland forced me to address the hard issues and in doing so, I have made changes which have saved me over $50,000 per year.  We refined my business’s reason for being, setting a clear mission which I now stick to like glue.  Roland also pushed me to make a number of changes to my accounting systems to give me a far more accurate P&L.  It wasn’t all plain sailing – in a couple of cases it was very uncomfortable and once we had a full-on and very heated argument.  But I stayed with Roland as my business coach and I’m so glad I did.  My business is transformed and in a really strong place now.

James France, 1300DRINKS or james@vanguardluxurybrands.com

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Wendy Lloyd Curley, Wendy The Candle Lady

Hiring a business coach is a big deal. It takes money and time. You don’t want to waste either of those things, so don’t hire someone who won’t challenge you, guide you, get into the trenches with you, and really make you think. Roland has created a simple, effective, and repeatable process that makes his coaching strategy work. I recommend his books, his Small Business Masterminds webinars, and his one-on-one coaching. A big deal… with big results.

Wendy Lloyd Curley,  wendy@wlcenterprises.com

Anna Field, The Paddington Beauty Room

One of the most important things I get out of being part of the Business Growth Club (click here for more information about the Growth Club program) is the monthly reframe and change of perspective by being pulled out of the bubble that is my business and view it as it is, not how I have told myself it is.

As we all share our challenges and successes there are unexpected lessons learned or ideas stimulated.

It just could be the most productive three hours I dedicate to me and my business every month.

Anna Field, 02 93568700

Geoff Anderson, Sonic Sight

“Roland helped me transform my business so that it flows and I’m no longer a slave to it.”

Geoff Anderson, Sonic Sight, email: geoff@sonicsight.com.au

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Tony Isgrove, Tony Isgrove Paint and Decorate

Since starting with Roland seven months ago my business has really found its feet.

Although I had many ideas that I wanted to use in the business, I was always putting them off because “other stuff” was always getting in the way.

Roland made me accountable for all of these areas and helped me sort through a major list of various aspects of my business.

I now have a much clearer picture of where my business and personal lives are heading and I have Roland to thank for this.

If you are looking for a someone who can make your life more pleasurable, I can highly recommend Roland as a coach and mentor.

Tony Isgrove, Tony Isgrove Paint and Decorate, +61412269211, or click here to email Tony

Sebastiaan De Jonge, KwikKopy Silverwater.

The Bootcamp is for business owners wanting an intensive process to move their business along.

The bootcamp will shake you out of your habits and preconceptions.

There were numerous benefits in being in the Bootcamp program. Ultimately the achievement of the goals established at the beginning of the program but other benefits along the way (in no specific order) included:

  • The smaller group meetings with other business owners are a great forum for exchanges of ideas and perspectives. The sessions were focussed on specific areas of running a business and often turned up excellent easily implemented ideas. Adding accountability into these sessions means that the learnings get implemented.
  • Working through the book material contained in the 10 Truths provided good contextualisation for the group and individual sessions. I think it is a great idea to provide the theoretical background for what you are doing.
  • Ultimately I got clear about the reasons and the turn ons about running our business. These are the freedom to set my own agenda in relation to ethics and morals, significant lifestyle advantages and income.

Sebastiaan De Jonge, Director, KwikKopy Silverwater, +61419150564 or email Sebastiaan De Jonge here

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“Working with Roland invigorated The Paddington Beauty Room and renewed my passion for the business”.

Anna Field, The Paddington Beauty Room, email: anna@thepaddingtonbeautyroom.com.au

Dan Kordiak, Dyna-Fix Commercial, Sydney

I took the opportunity to work with Roland Hanekroot in late 2010, when I signed up f or his 6-month “Small Business Bootcamp”. Working with Roland as my coach is one of the best commercial decisions that I have made in business. If you have ever wanted to grow or already have expanded your business, you will understand the possible complications and challenges – and the numerous mountains that you must climb to do get to your goal. Roland is excellent in holding you – the only one otherwise not accountable to anyone else in your business – truly accountable. His ability to drill down into the very core of you and your company to achieve exactly what you want for yourself and your business is remarkable.

Having Roland’s support and guidance is like being infused with 20 years’ experience in six months.

I now spend all of my time working on the business, and not in it. Roland’s Small Business Bootcamp has allowed me to implement new processes that are more effective, and I have created an excellent, well-managed company that now almost runs itself. Roland has set up the future stability and sustainability of Dyna-Fix Commercial – and I am certain, he has done so for the rest of the company’s existence. Therefore, I will continue to work with Roland in relation to special projects and any new companies I wish to build. I highly recommend Roland Hanekroot’s coaching expertise and his Small Business Bootcamp to anyone who would like to really know their business – and grow their company without complication. Thank you Roland – not only as my coach, but now also as a trusted friend. Regards, Dan Kordiak, Director, (04) 0726-6173 or click here to email Dan Kordiak

Mat Stubbs, MSPartners, architects Sydney

“In the brief 6 month period it took to complete Roland’s ‘Bootcamp for Small Business’ we transformed a small, work from home Architecture practice into a beautiful new expanded vibrant business. Our signed workload has doubled in 6 months, we have moved to a new office and employ 6 staff. More importantly Roland has instilled in me the confidence and skill base I needed to make the change. My work with Roland included a wide variety of areas such as new goal setting, tag line, guiding principles, sustainable program, staff development program, web site and SEO development, newsletter, company dashboards, cashflow systems, QA programs, staff employment and reviews to name just a few topics we covered. For the first time in 8 years I have been able to take a mid year holidayknowing that my business will not only survive but continue to grow in my absence. I attribute a great amount of our recent accomplishments to Roland’s guidance and highly recommend Roland as a business coach and I look forward  to working with him again in the near future. I am also more then happy to discuss my experience with anyone thinking of using his services ” Mathew Stubbs, Director ph. 02 9326 7788  click here to email Mathew Stubbs

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Colin Garrett, Colin’s Butchery Sydney

“I am in the process of expanding and opening several retail butcher shops.  I needed to develop turn-key system where I could run my existing shop and more, without me. This is when I felt I needed a business coach to put all my thoughts and enthusiasms in the right direction. Roland has helped me establish my purpose, my brand, vision and commitments, which has led to developing systems, standards and procedures. Roland is a wealth of knowledge to me, many times I have referred to Roland as my psychiatrist, always leaving our meetings feeling aligned, confident and positive about the direction I am heading. Roland is as passionate as I am and is an ongoing part of my road to success.” Colin Garret, Colin’s Butchery 0422-421446 click here to email

Tim Southwell-Keely, Southwell-Keely Law

“Roland has greatly assisted me in conducting my legal practice more efficiently so that:

  • I am less stressed
  • I am better at prioritising tasks and allotting time to them
  • I have a new electronic management software system which services my needs more efficiently and allows me more time
  • The new electronic management software system also facilitates the marketing of my practice
  • I am in greater control of my day

Roland is very focused on making a business more profitable and his comprehensive coaching covers management, administration and marketing.  I have no hesitation in recommending a small business owner to him.” Tim Southwell-Keely, Southwell-Keely Law, (02) 9299-2969, click here to email Tim

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Rebecca Wells, Clear Horizon

“I have worked alongside, and been coached by Roland, on a number of occasions and have been blown away by the results I have achieved. Roland’s business coaching is both thorough and supportive – and he brings so much more to the party than this. He is particularly conscientious and truly cares for me and my well-being;

Roland’s keen perception has helped me get to the heart of my issues extremely quickly

And his steadfast commitment and belief in me has filled me with confidence and the determination to canter forwards. I would recommend Roland to any small business owner looking to make life-enhancing decisions to move their business forwards.” Rebecca Wells, Clear Horizon, 0432 782 969 , click here to email Rebecca

James Hooke A Little Help Computing Services

“Should you be considering using Roland’s services. Make no mistake; for one person, Roland is a power house of ability, knowledge, support and wisdom.  I have used Roland’s services twice in the last few years, with extremely satisfying results in both cases. Roland has helped me transform my business away from the brink.  With his guidance and wisdom, I discovered for myself what he saw long before I did.  Through his process, I have taken ownership of my situation and made some life changing decisions with pride and satisfaction… I could never have done this without Roland, and I know that I am in the best place I can be in my business and that I have achieved the absolute right outcome. Whilst our business relationship is finished for now, I truly believe I have an old friend in Roland. To anyone in small business with need of change, but no knowing what or how to go about it… have a chat to Roland.  He knows how to find the answers, and you’ll discover that they’re actually in you!” James Hooke, A Little Help Computing Services Ph: 0439-463867  click here to email James

Wes Goodwin, WG Learning Pty Ltd

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Roland from New Perspectives Business Coaching. Roland has assisted my company WG Learning in developing systems that assist me in running my business. What I enjoyed most about working with Roland was:

  • Accountability with meeting each week.
  • His program had a beginning and an end
  • He was a great sounding board for new ideas
  • Setting goals and achieving them
  • Roland challenged and questioned the status quo

So for anyone wishing to engage a business coach please look no further than Roland from New Perspectives. I can’t recommend Roland enough to any business owner who wants to grow their business strongly, they will benefit enormously from his ongoing advice and support.” Wes Goodwin, WG Learning Pty Ltd, 9517 2230, click here to email Wes

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Dave Scott, Invenco Pty Ltd

“Dear Roland, I came to you in September 2008 without a clue of what I needed from you, other that the guidance of a business coach who could help me implement some very big changes in my business.  While I wasn’t certain of exactly what changes needed to be made, I was certain that the changes were much bigger than me ~ much bigger that I could implement on my own… Well now more than 6 months on from completing our 6 months together, I can only say that you helped me to not only clearly realise the tough decisions that needed to be made, but also to implement a range of enormous changes in my business and in my life.  Your wisdom and determination to have me challenge my own assumptions have kick-started me on a rewarding new path from which I promise never look back to the “round-about” that plagued my business in the past. I would give anyone looking to implement massive change in their business, even if they are not exactly sure what those changes are, my strongest possible personal recommendation to use you Roland to help guide them on their way. Thank you again for the huge impact you have had on my life to date, and for the future positive impact that will only multiply exponentially over time for both me and my family. Warmest Regards,” Dave Scott, Invenco Pty Ltd, 0417 727 782 click here to email Dave

John Mulligan L’amour Catering

“I had the tremendous benefit of having Roland Hanekroot coach me over the past 6mths. Here are just 5 reasons why I would recommend Roland to you or any small business owner:

  • We have had a threefold increase in business in just six months
  • I am working on the things I enjoy and hardly ever on the things I don’t.
  • I have more time and money for my family.
  • Our entire team is passionate about our business and the products we produce…
  • And we have a clear and exciting vision for the future.”

John Mulligan L’amour Catering, PH/FAX: 80784411 Mobile: 0413 606 826

David Jones, David Jones Electricians Pty Ltd

“In my experience, when I was ready to improve & expand my business Roland helped me to unscramble my mass of ideas, challenges and situations. Then he helped me put them all on paper, arranged in order of importance/urgency. Then we made plans and put things into action which I was then held accountable to. He never fails to impress mewith his plethora of knowledge on a huge variety of topics which often means he’s a one stop shop. I recommend Roland’s services to any small business owner who is ready to improve and expand his business. Three main benefits of having Roland as my business coach:

  1. Regular sessions with focus on weekly goals
  2. Quality down time away from work and the office, but to talk about work and the office.
  3. Bouncing around ideas with a qualified person removed from the situation at hand

The investment I made with Roland paid for itself many times over.” David Jones 0418674170 click here to email David

Daniela Cavalletti, Cavalletti Communications

“Roland’s ongoing support has been invaluable during the set-up period of my business – and way beyond. Having been a small business owner in a variety of businesses himself, Roland is well-versed and understanding of the unique challenges faced by SME entrepreneurs; both, day-to-day and regarding strategic planning. We have no board to report to, no peers to brainstorm with, nor a boss to be guided by. And we have to run all “departments” of our business. Roland provides the role of mentor, sounding board, reality-check. And the necessary kick up the backside, if needed, to keep you on track was well as in healthy balance. He is compassionate, yet firm in his approach. This mix really worked for me as I felt taken seriously and challenged whilst knowing someone else cared as much about the success of my business as myself. His monthly Mastermind gatherings for current and past clients, as well as his Mastermind™ Group on LinkedIn, are valuable additions to our one-on-one sessions and support. Roland’s mentoring has taken me and my business on an exciting, successful journey and I look forward to a longstanding collaboration. I recommend him unreservedly as a most effective coach and mentor.” Daniela Cavalletti, Business Writer & Owner at Cavalletti Communications, click here to email Daniela

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Andrew Kitchen, Lobster Software

“Roland helped me to unlock and clarify my vision for the direction, the very DNA and the operation of my business. He provided me with an excellent sounding board, sound advice, a source of accountability that help things to get done, as well as the challenge and encouragement where needed. I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Roland’s services to any business owner. Three main benefits of having Roland as my business coach:

  1. Weekly meetings provide impetus and accountability that give the impetus to make the changes that are required.
  2. I found that defining and constantly reviewing progress towards those goals throughout the period of the engagement is an excellent way to ensure progress.
  3. A business coach doesn’t freak out when you talk about what’s going on in the business sometimes!

The investment I made with Roland paid for itself many times over.” Andrew Kitchen click here to email Andrew

Jim McBride, Glasgowhart

“Roland is an excellent business coach who helped me focus on the things I needed to do to turn my work into a genuine business. Roland is helpful and funny.” Jim McBride jim@glasgowhart.com.au

Justin Bohlman, Bolt Imports

“If you are making the decisions but not asking the hard questions or if you are asking the questions but not sure whether you are answering them correctly or honestly then my advice to you would be to see a business coach. To be able to go backwards and more importantly forwards with an impartial view from someone who has been around all types of businesses in my mind is priceless. If the only thing you get from speaking to Roland is piece of mind that you are doing things correctly than that is great but I think when you search deep within yourself and your business you will find that there are questions that need answering in order for you and your business to grow to full potential. Roland will help you get the best out of yourself as a business owner and get you motivated to succeed.” Justin Bohlman 0414 775 232 justin@bolt.net.au

Richard Hale, Centric Management Solutions

“Roland is a change agent for businesses. In his role as a business coach he encourages individuals to think more strategically about their business, what they want to achieve and how they are going to get there. There is an element of accountability to oneself that Roland has a gift of being able to remind his clients, particularly about being consequential in ones actions. In a way, engaging Roland is also like enrolling in an MBA course for small business owners, or a Small Business Boot Camp I highly recommend Roland and his work and most importantly for helping me to push my way through some difficult transitions in my business.” Richard Hale: richard@centric.com.au

Geoff Anderson, Sonic Sight

“Dear Roland, It’s now six months since I started using your coaching services. When I look back to when I first started using your help, I remember not actually knowing what I needed from you. All I knew was that something needed to shift. You’ve guided me along a path that has delivered greater control to my operation and significantly reduced the levels of stress I have to content with each day. I’ve been able to not only clarify where my business needs to go, but actually take it there. As a business owner it is easy to be bogged down with the day to day running of the operation. However, with your help I’ve been able to regularly focus on the big picture scenario and implement the necessary systems and strategies to take my business to the next level. I consider many of the achievements realised over the last half year to be directly related to our fortnightly meetings. I look forward to continuing this beneficial relationship. Yours truly,” Geoff Anderson Sonic Sight video Productions geoff@sonicsight.com.au www.sonicsight.com.au

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Karen Robertson

I hired Roland for guidance and accountability during a time when I’d left a job I knew well in order to develop a business idea that I knew nothing about! He is helping me to achieve my business goals while also reminding me to nurture my personal goals as well. I am inspired by each session we have and leave with new ideas and often a new perspective on issues that I had perceived as problems. I highly recommend working with Roland. Karen Robertson karen.robertson2000@hotmail.com

Richard Czeiger, Grafx Design

“Roland worked with us to help us grow our business. His input was clear and precise and really helped focus our own ideas of where we wanted to go. I highly recommend New Perspectives to any business owner that wants to take their business to the next level.” Richard Czeiger, GrafX Design Division Pty Ltd 02 9699 8622 design@grafx.com.au http://www.grafx.com.au

Ro Sheardown, JobFind Centre

I currently manage a high-pressure, target-driven employment agency, while undertaking a graduate diploma in another area. At the same time I am endeavouring to assist my husband with h is business, in order to make a significant life style change for both of us. Four months ago I felt that I was trying to juggle too many “balls” in the air and dropping them all. Relaxation and quality time with family and friends were at the bottom of the list. I met Roland Hanekroot and attended a free introductory coaching workshop with him. Following this workshop I realised that I needed help to perform the balancing act between work, study and lifestyle if I was going to achieve what I wanted. Since engaging Roland as my Business Coach I set and stick to strong timeframes in all areas. I now find work more challenging and exciting, I am working less hours than I used to, and have set and meet performance and improvement goals that I would not have otherwise considered. I meet all uni deadlines, gaining Distinctions in all areas. I have also assisted my husband in developing his business. Roland has encouraged me to take “take time out” for myself; I love these moments and do not feel guilty about these very special times. During the process I have enhanced my goals several times, each time has been to my advantage and has added to my feeling of self worth. I manage my time so much more efficiently now. The fundamental difference this coaching has made to how I work and live is creating a structure where the end result is present through strong timeframes and practices; and consistent support. I have long known the importance of goal setting, and have tried to do it often but never quite made it work for myself. This time I had another person committed to me achieving my goals. Roland insisted I create and write my vision for the future, and I emotionalised that vision to such an extent, that it became achievable and is coming true. Ro Sheardown  ro.sheardown@jobfindcentre.com.au

Gerald Fender, Priority Sewerage Program, Sydney Water:

Roland was engaged twice by the PSP Alliance to conduct an initial workshop with the Alliance Management Team in late September 2006, and again in October 2007. We continued to work with Roland during monthly 3 hour “Team Coaching” sessions for a further 5 months. The initial workshops, held off-site, was the first time the AMT had tried to integrate the SWC Project Manager’s into the Alliance team.  Through a series of workshops, structured break out sessions and team building exercises, the results from the session were quite effective due to Roland’s approach. In all our sessions, rather than offering “advice” Roland focused on non-directive questioning, provocation and helped us to analyse and solve our own challenges. In our final sessions we dealt with the amount of improvement we as a team believed we had accomplished since the initial sessions.  These included:

  • Cooperation within the team had improved
  • The Client has become more involved in the Alliance Management Team
  • The lines of communication are more open and transparent
  • We focus more on the process to make sure value is added at all stages
  • We have clarified our roles and responsibilities

All in all, a very worthwhile experience. Gerald Fender GERALD.FENDER@sydneywater.com.au

Julie Iyengar-Kemp, NSW Government:

“Roland was my career coach from June to November 2006. Working together I moved from the stress of displaced employment, and uncertainty as to just where to head next, along the path of resume’ writing and goal setting, to attending interviews. He encouraged to be both realistic and to achieve goals that pushed my boundaries. Roland is about goal identification, goal setting, targets, achievement strategies, productivity; he is not about waffle and hand-holding; yet he stills manages to genuinely care. Roland gave me what is best in a coach – the edge to achieve much more than I would have on my own.” Julie Iyengar-Kemp  ro.julie.iyengar@gmail.com Kristin Wicks, Novell networks: Roland helped me to help myself through self discovery, focusing on what I really wanted to achieve with my work life and to understand what values were important to me. By taking one step at a time we worked towards an end goal, researching and then analyzing what I COULD possibly do and then narrowing these options down based on what I really WANTED and in the end I came up with identifiable targets. Coaching me through this process Roland helped me develop a plan on how I could achieve these goals and during this time I realised much was to be learned about myself and the environment in which I work. By applying focused effort and Roland’s powerfully motivating Business Coaching sessions, I understand my goals and am consciously working towards achieving these every day. Kristin Wicks kristinjwicks@hotmail.com

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Ralph Leavesy-Moase, Scooteria

As My Business Coach, Roland: • “Helps” me in one session translates a weeks worth of swirling ideas (than may not eventuate) into reality. • “Fills” me with positive energy to achieve more goals in my business. • “Unleashes” confidence for negotiations I didn’t know I was capable of. • “Directs” practical advise (I’m sure from his own experiences) worthwhile in my business. • “Provides” me with the belief that together there are more challengers that we can meet. Ralph Leavesy-Moase, Owner and dealer principal,  ph 95578500 www.scooteria.com.au scoot@scooteria.com.au

Debi Labi, Queen Ruby Foods and Catering

Working with my Business Coach, Roland, I managed to achieve goals which I previously had thought had been out of my reach, knowing what I wanted, but not knowing how I was going to get there. Roland helped me focus on the smaller, manageable steps on the road to my goals. It’s very similar to running a race…. instead of focusing on the finish line and running like hell, the race strategy is planned, allowing you to become aware of better routes along that path, or dealing with obstacles that may be blocking the road. And by concentrating on each small step, before you know it, you’re at the finish line! The finish line you honestly didn’t believe you’d get to at the beginning of the coaching sessions! It really is amazing! Coaching is also a little like therapy… by making constant, steady progress towards your goal, you actually don’t suffer any of the anxiety of “how am I going to get there?”! And Coaching also helps you get through your own mental brick walls. As the solutions actually come from you, Roland helps YOU work out these solutions. When you think you don’t have the answer, Roland gets one out of you. The whole Business Coaching process is like having another brain to access, to work with, working WITH you to help you achieve your goals. I would highly recommend Life Coaching with Roland. Achieve things you didn’t think you could achieve before. Surprise yourself! Debi Labi queenruby@tpg.com.au

Darrell D. Smith, Smith Truancy Call Pty Ltd

I just want to say how much I appreciated the Business Coaching sessions we’ve been running. I’ve had many training courses at work and a lot of advice in my personal life, but never the kind of constructive sounding board that you provided. You really helped me focus on what I wanted, where I was going and you’ve helped me see where it is I want to be and how I can get there. I found that running through my thoughts with you helped put them in perspective. I’ve been running with my head down, not really strategising on where I’m going, nor really how to get there. A little time out to review what I’m actually doing and what I’m really thinking will make my 60 hours/week and my 400 days/year a lot more directed!!!! Darrell D. Smith  0413 612 223

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