Beer O’Clock and Toilet Paper: What’s All That About?

toilet paper entrepreneur

So it’s beer o’clock and I want to talk to you about toilet paper. Have I had a few too many already? No! I’ve just been reading Mike Michalowicz’s book, ‘The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’ today.

Mike says, “Owning a business is not about working your arse off for the sake of trying to squeeze out a living. It is not about making tons of money at the expense of losing tons of life. It is about maximising life, bettering your life and the life of others, which ironically fattens your purse.”

This makes sense to me; you too? I recently heard an American marketing guru say it another way, “The purpose of business is not to make money; that would be like saying that the purpose of a human being is to eat food.”

Sure we need food or we can’t fulfil our purpose, and in the same way a business needs to make money otherwise we can’t deliver on the purpose of the business.

But (and this is the clincher) the purpose of the busines is something much more important than making money, and it’s different for every business on the planet.

So from beer o’clock and toilet paper we actually ended with a pretty profound thought. Cool, huh!

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