The 5 management truths for building a Fun business

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Once we’ve laid the foundations of a Fun business that sustains you for years to come we have to focus on the five business management truths: planning, goal setting staff, systems and processes (rhythm) and measurement. All of them need attention. All of them sound hard, but all of them can be managed much easier than you think by following these 5 Management Truths

The foundations of a Fun business

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Have you thought about the Big Question of Small Business: Why does your business exist? What’s it on this earth for and Why would anybody care? Once you’re able to answer the Big Question in a short succinct statement, a statement about Purpose, Passion and Profit, a statement that truly speaks to everything your care about in your business, everything changes. The Big Question is the foundation of a Fun business that sustains you for years to come

The Ten Truths: Why does Fun in Business Matter?

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Fun (with a capital F) is a key indicator of the success of your business, because when your business is fun it means everything is working. It means you’re making money, it means your customers love you, it means your staff are engaged, and it means you’ve personally got the kind of balance in your life you dream of. A relentless focus on making business Fun is the one thing that will help you build a business that sustains you for years to come.

Your time, your kindness and your No, is what creates success

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The Three Secrets to Building a Beautiful Business and Life Have you ever felt overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck in your business? My guess is that most of us have, and, if you haven’t, then you’re either knee-deep in denial or

The key step to take control of your business and your life

How do I take control of my business

Why I said No to an amazing opportunity and passed it on to a friend of mine. To take control of your business and life and get off the roller coaster of small business, one of the most important skills to develop as a business owner is the ability to say No. Knowing what to go for and especially what not to go for is at the root of building a Beautiful Business and Life

How to make money in an architecture or design practice

Although it can look like the demands of business, making money, profitability, cashflow, financial management are in conflict with creating great architecture or beautiful design, the opposite is the case. Create a great business-vehicle that makes money and generates great cash flow allows you to create more great architecture.

Five Rules for Growing your Building Business in Australia

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How to grow your building business in Australia. The Five Golden Rules for builders in Australia to grow their business while keeping your margins up without having to compete on price

How much should I pay myself in my business?

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A big factor in the profitability of your business, is how much you pay yourself as the business owner, CEO and chief cook and bottle washer. So how much should you pay yourself, or should you pay yourself at all? Why does it matter what you pay yourself?

Ten simple strategies to make more money in your business (plus a bonus)

10 simple things to make more money in your business

Making money in your business isn’t rocket science. It’s always back to the basics: Make sure you bring in more money than you let out. Here are the ten key strategies to do just that in your business. If you focus on these ten this year, I guarantee you’ll make more money this year than last year.