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One-Month Business Transformation Bootcamp

The One-Month Business Transformation Programs are short, sharp, intensive 4 week programs designed to tackle one specific issue in your business and implement a series of effective and simple strategies that will transform that specific issue in your business.

The programs consist of 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with me 1-2 hrs via Skype spread out over no more than one month and will cover the following topics:

  1. Transform Your Purpose
  2. Transform Your Business Plan
  3. Transform Your Cashflow
  4. Transform Your Marketing
  5. Transform Your Sales
  6. Transform Your Staff

The Transformation programs come with a workbook and relevant resources/tools such as videos, podcast stories, webinars, articles, surveys and templates.

The standard cost of each of the One-Month Business Transformation Programs is AU $1800 (plus GST if you are in Australia). Availed programs will customised to suit your business and your circumstances. We will be working on the stuff that matters to you!

Contact me now to book the small business transformation bootcamp!

Email: roland@newperspectives.com.au
Mobile (Au): (+61) 404-490-012
Skype: rhanekroot



Fun in Business Intensive Bootcamp

What’s it all about:

The New Perspectives Fun in Business Intensive is transformative 6 – 12 month Business coaching, development, business advice and mentoring program designed for small business owners who want to have more Fun in their businesses and build businesses that sustain them for years to come. The Intensive is designed for people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and start to build a Fun Business now. The foundation of the program is the acclaimed trilogy of business books “The Ten Truths books for Business Owners” by myself. You can download the books for free from the links at the top right of the page

Why this program is important for you:

I’ve published various articles about Change and Business Coaching that are relevant to this question as well. Here are a some links to read more:

The Fun in Business Intensive is a journey. It’s a big journey, an adventure. That’s as it should be, because Change can only ever happen on journeys. Nothing ever happened in the safety of the harbour. To change our business and our life we have to get out onto the ocean and set sail for the horizon and don’t come back.

When you are ready to change your business and your life, you want me to come on the journey with you, because I will help you set a course, I will help you adjust the course when we come across obstacles or storms we have to sail round. I will ensure you don’t sail around in circles nor that you sail back to the harbour and I make sure that you know when to row and row hard and when to let the wind take you along for a while.

The Fun in Business Intensive will truly change your business and your life for ever. I promise you!