How can we make our family-business and family-life work better?

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The unique challenges of being in business with your family

As I’ve said elsewhere, many family businesses start with the profession of the business owner. The electrician starts an electrical contracting business and the accountant starts an accountancy practice. A little way into the life of the business, the founder of the business, along with the spouse of the founder starts to appreciate that it takes more than being a great accountant to build a great accountancy business or being a great electrician to build a great electrician’s business, and the business flounders. The family business is born when the spouse decides that “enough is enough” and enters the business as well, not least, to sort out the chaos created by the founder, in order to protect the interests of the family. (Read about my husband and wife coaching here). Over time, such family business can grow to become multi generational organisations with brothers, kids, uncles and cousins involved in the business.

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70% Of all businesses in Australia are family businesses and a large percentage of those can be classed as husband and wife family businesses. In my experience there is wonderful opportunity in being in business with your spouse. It holds the possibility of providing for your family very well and there is a great opportunity to grow as a couple. But waking up beside your business partner in bed every morning also comes with a bunch of unique challenges.

The unique challenges of family businesses

  1. It’s especially difficult to ‘leave work at work’.
  2. Sometimes the spouse who joined as the admin and finance partner (the wife often) can feel like they’ve sacrificed their career for that of the operations partner.
  3. Sometimes the admin partner has joined out of necessity rather than from skill, training or experience in this field.
  4. Relationship dynamics can get in the way of business partnership dynamics.
  5. If the business fails it can wreck the marriage as well.
  6. Uneven power dynamic can cause tensions in the office and at home.
  7. Issues of hierarchy may creep into the relationship.
  8. Hiring can be an obstacle for husband and wife teams.
  9. Investing in a husband-wife business looks risky for outside investors

Here is a great info graphic about how to make a success of being in business with your spouse on the Business Families foundation website

You may also want to have a look at the website of Family Business Australia. There are a bunch of great resources and information there as well. Follow this link

The Bey and Jay Family Business Survey.

Complete the Beyoncé and Jay-Z Family business surveyfamily business to find out how you compare against the most famous husband and wife family business partnership in the music biz. It’s fun and takes just a few minutes and if you and your spouse complete the survey it will lead to some powerful conversations that will open the door to new opportunities in how you work together.

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Find out how I can help you and your family develop your business in a free Discovery Coaching session