The 5 Steps to Discover Your Own Unique Business and Life

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Ready for Change

Did you know that modelling your business on that of your most successful competitors leads to an 85% chance of failure?

Being a small business owner is not as easy as it looks. You’re usually the first one in the door (on site, in the shop or on the road) in the morning and the last one out the door at night. You end up doing your admin after the kids have gone to bed most nights and a whole free weekend is a dim memory. Some of your employees take home more money than you do, you’re frustrated with having to fix everybody’s problems all the time and you often feel overwhelmed and alone in your business.

And the competition?… If only you could model your business on that of your most effective competitor, he seems to have it all going on, doesn’t he!

Good news and Bad news

I’ve worked with clients like you since 2004 after having experienced the same frustrations for 20 years as a carpenter and builder in Sydney. And I have good news and bad news for you:

  1. The bad news: You can’t build the same business your competitor has built. Your business is and will be as unique as you are, there are no two businesses on this planet that are the same, you’ll have to discover what your unique business and life could look like.
  2. The good news: I’ve developed a simple 5 step process to help you discover what your Beautiful Bouncy Business and life can look like and then I’ll help you build it.

These are the 5 steps:

  1. The weekly Tips: Subscribe to my weekly One-Minute-Business-Tips, Click here.
  2. Discovery: Book in a free half hour Discovery Coaching session, including my free business assessment survey, called The Richard Branson Business Discovery Survey. Click here to book in the Discovery session.
  3. Trial session: Book in a full 1 hr Trial Coaching session, by donation of $100 to The Wayside Chapel in Sydney. Click here to book in the Trial session.
  4. Goal: Carry out my 2hr Goal Session, including the full 100 question Business Health Check Survey (fee for Goal session and business health check $600 plus GST)
  5. Planning: Carry out my optional 2hr strategic planning session. Once we’ve created the Goal, you may want to create a high level strategic plan for the achievement of your Goal, before moving on to one of the next steps. (1 Coaching session of 2 hrs, fee $600 plus GST)

5b. Decide on the next step.

Next Steps

And these are some of the options for the next steps:

  • Brainstorming: One-off, 1 hr coaching sessions as and when you simply need to resolve a dilemma or do some brainstorming and find the resolution to a problem. (fee for one-off, 1 hr coaching session; $350 plus GST) (longer session by arrangement)
  • Toe in the water, Trial Month: Try out what it’s like to get on the Journey, the adventure. Click here for more information on the One Month Transformation sessions (4 x 1 hr coaching session during one month, including unlimited email access, once-off trial month fee $1,250 plus GST)
  • Get Going, The Journey: The adventure of a life time. When you’re truly ready to go on the greatest Journey of Discovery you’ve ever undertaken in your business to build a Beautiful Bouncy Business. Click here to find out more about the Fun in Business Intensive (minimum 6 month, maximum 12 month commitment, weekly sessions, including unlimited email and phone access.Fee to be negotiated in a range from $1,500 to $2,500 per month plus GST)

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