Change now: The 5 Steps to Fun in Businesssteps to success

Ready for Change

Being a small business owner is not as easy as it looks. You’re usually the first one in the door (on site, in the shop or one the road) in the morning and the last one out the door at night. You end up doing your admin after the kids have gone to bed most nights and a whole free weekend hasn’t happened for a while. Some of your employees take home more money than you do, you’re frustrated with having to fix everybody’s problems all the time and you often feel overwhelmed and alone in your business.

I’ve worked with clients like you since 2004 after having experienced the same frustrations for 20 years as a carpenter and builder in Sydney and I’ve developed a simple 5 step process to help you turn things around and Build a Fun business that sustains you for years to come.

These are the 5 steps:

  1. Check me out: Read and watch my Special Report and video series: The 7 Habits of Highly Chilled Small Business Owners or download one of my books (click on the book images to the right on this page) and have a chat (Book in the discovery session here)
  2. Tell me more: Carry out my online Business Health Check questionnaire (Follow this link to carry out the Health Check), or complete my “What’s it like, being a business owner”questionnaire, or you might be interested to where you sit on the Entrepreneur Type Scale, here, (and if you are part of a family business, you’d be interested to complete the “Bey and Jay family business survey” here and see how you compare against husband and wife family business owners Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the King and Queen of the music business)
  3. Toe-in-the-water: One-on-one Trial session (More about the Trial session here)
  4. Make a Plan: One-on-one Visioning and Goal setting session (By appointment with me)
  5. Get going: Intensive Coaching engagement for a specific time frame and set of outcomes. (More about the programs here)

If you’re not ready yet… Just do this for now:

If you’re not ready to take step 1 above yet, I urge you to do something, just one small thing to get your business moving in the right direction and the simplest smallest thing you can do is to subscribe to my weekly email and video series, “The One-Minute-Business-tips” on the form below. There are lots of other free resources available on my site, Special reports, Videos, books, surveys, podcasts and tools… so: Do something, because nothing changes if nothing changes…. I promise you.

For more information about to how to step out of overwhelm, get unstuck and start having Fun in Business again, click here


Roland Hanekroot