Free and Donation-only Programs

First steps, and Small steps

questions girl asking business questionIs business coaching right for me?

What about a mentor, or a consultant?

Is Roland right  for me?

Is coaching going to change my business and my life?

How do I know that this is not going to be a waste of  my time and money?


I know these are impossibly difficult questions to answer for you at this early stage. To help you figure out the right way forward for you, I have created a process of really easy steps.

All but the last step are entirely free without any obligation, and even the last step only involves you making a donation to my favorite charity in Sydney or to any another charity of your choice, and there is also absolutely no obligation or expectation in that step.

Each of the steps is listed below and you can click on them to find out more.

Follow this link to a free, fun and comprehensive survey to help you decide if “now is the time to ask for help and if I am the right business coach and mentor for you to guide you at this stage of your business journey.

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