SBP Trial Business Coaching Session by Donation

The Trial Coaching Session

How would you like to blow away your biggest hurdle now?

The Trial Coaching Session is the third step in my Five Steps to Discovery Process (more here) to decide about coaching and mentoring with me. The Trial session is a full hour Coaching session focused on answering one burning question for you or dealing with one immediate challenge.

You will walk away from this session having had a true experience of what coaching with me is about and you’ll gain enormous clarity and insight about your biggest challenge in business, your most pressing issue, the thing that keeps you awake some nights.

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This what you can expect:

All you have to do to experience this special Trial Session is to make a donation, here is how it works:

  1. Make a Donation to my favorite charity, Wayside Chapel in Sydney (or if you prefer, your own favorite charity). My suggestion is a donation of $100 or more Make the donation here.
  2. Then book in your Trial Session on my online booking calendar here.
  3. We will carry out a focused coaching session about your most pressing issue, your biggest challenge in business right now. The session will be around 60 minutes and be held by Skype (or Apple FaceTime or Google Hangouts),
  4. You will walk away with increased clarity and insight about this issue and at least one or more simple practical actions that will help you start to move past the challenge.

And … as if that weren’t enough… you will also have supported a really fantastic charity. You would normally pay in excess of $600 to do this work with me. To take up the offer, simply make the donation now here and fill in the form below.

Please Note:

In most cases, I do however suggest that we carry out the previous steps in the Five Steps to Discovery Process (more here) first, before we carry out the Trial session. The most important previous step is the 30 minute Discovery Session. You can book your Discovery Session in the form below now.