Fun and Purpose workshops

Besides the Small Business Masterminds webinars I also run customised workshops (and webinars) on a range of topics to groups of small business owners in industry associations etc.

These are the topics are talk about:

  • How to Have More Fun in Business (or how to build a business that sustains you for the long term)
  • The Purpose of business (With a capital “P”)
  • The Hedgehog Principles, (read more here) or the first steps to building a business that sustains you for years to come
  • Time Management
  • One Page business planning
  • Open Book Management, or how to get the inmates to run the asylum so that everyone has more Fun (more information about Open book management here)
  • The Ten truths for Building  a Healthy Bouncy Business (more about The Ten Truths here)
  • Change, why is it so hard and why do we need it?

Please contact me for more information and how I can support your industry and your members.