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The Ten Priorities; Priority #10: Managing your Market

Ten Priorities in business, Marketing, publicity, PR It may seem obvious. No matter how great your products, your people, your systems, your visions and your plans are, if nobody knows how great they, there will be no business.
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Getting clear about the perfect clients for your business

Let’s say someone wanted to help you get more clients and they had a database 6000 small business owners. How can such a person go about identifying those 5 to 10 perfect introductions for you from amongst the database of 6000?
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Small People Are Breathing Life Into Influence Marketing

Social media ad platform Gnack has strictly defined micro-influencers as those people who have 10,000 followers or less. Anything more than that is pointless.
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Effective Promotional Products and Why You Should Consider Them

lego man marketing promotional products The Y+ Yoga Center in Shanghai, China had straws printed with a woman in yoga gear positioned right on the straw’s bendable region. Every time the straw bends, the yogoist shows off her flexibility in a new position.
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Marketing when the client is your competitor

Marketing Strategy Competition You’re not competing with other professionals, rather the first competitor you have to face is the actual client. The client needs to be convinced that they really shouldn’t go DIY. They shouldn’t try and manage their own renovations, run their Facebook advertising campaigns, organise their own wedding, or find and hire a new employee.
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Make sweet love to your customers and watch your business grow

Marketing Plan Business Love If you make the focus of your business to turn your customers, all of them into Raving Fans, you’ll never have to do any other marketing, because they’ll do it for you, and better yet, they’ll do it for free.
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The 5 Things You Must Do At Every Networking Event

Networking business Developing our businesses still means continuously meeting new people, new suppliers, new referral sources, new clients. Obviously, networking is still one of the most effective ways to do so.
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The Skinny on Online Marketing in 2017

online marketing for business The principles of marketing are as they’ve always been: People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust. But in 2017 Trust is built online and in Social Media. How do you get to Trust as quickly as possible in your business?
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Before Jumping Into Advertising, Get The Basics of Marketing Right First

Before Jumping Into Advertisement, Get The Basics of Marketing Right First There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending money on advertising, all the great brands and business do from time to time, but you better be sure you’ve dotted all the I-s and crossed all the T-s before you do
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The Power of Referrals and Word of Mouth Marketing

Most networking events are an absolute waste of time and worse, they’re often boring. I’ve certainly never sold anything at a networking event and yet I keep going. Why is that?
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