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The key step to take control of your business and your life

How do I take control of my business Why I said No to an amazing opportunity and passed it on to a friend of mine. To take control of your business and life and get off the roller coaster of small business, one of the most important skills to develop as a business owner is the ability to say No. Knowing what to go for and especially what not to go for is at the root of building a Beautiful Business and Life
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #4: Saying No

ten priorities, saying no in business You have to decide, every day, what to say NO to and what to say Yes to. Saying NO is hard, much harder than saying YES, but it’s a skill you can learn and get good at.
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BQ Business Growth

The first of the 7 Big Questions: How can I Grow My Business? All the most important strategies in business that work together to create sustainable business growth on one page: Marketing, Planning, Customers, Online Marketing, Purpose, Innovation, People, Systemisation
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Top 10 Secrets of Sustainable Small Business Growth

The – absolute – undeniable – must have – rockbottom – can’t do without – believe it or not … Top-10 Secrets of: Sustainable Small Business Growth In good times or bad When your favorite small business coach started devising this article and blog i had 10
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