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Business development is, by definition, undefined. According to Jennifer Fremont-Smith, it is the process of uncovering the “unknown unknowns” that can help to grow a company. The key is to focus on specific metrics that define growth for your business, and then seek out the partnerships, people, and products that increase those metrics.

The Ten Priorities; Priority #8: Managing your People

Ten Priorities, finance management Human beings get a lot of satisfaction from doing good work, but the problem is, they often don’t know what constitutes good work
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BQ The 7 Big Questions for business owners who want to build Beautiful Businesses and Lives

Most business owners will come face to face with each of The 7 Big Questions of Small Business at some stage on their quest to Discover and Build a Beautiful Business and Life. If you haven’t faced all of them yet, you will, I promise you.
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The best software tools for your small business

It’s impossible to keep track of all the new business software that comes out every month, and it’s impossible to know which of these amazing apps actually will improve our lives and which are simply going to make us pull out our hair.
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SBRS The Entrepreneur Type Scale

Entrepreneurs come in many different shapes and sizes and in many different types. There are the extremes and then there is everyone in between. Where do you sit on the Entrepreneur Type Scale. And what does that mean for the challenges in your business?
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The story of a Husband and Wife family business: My own

husband and wife family business My ex-wife could see what was going on and she worried that I and the business were going to go under unless something changed. So she suggested that she join the business and take control of the back office, the systs and procedures, financial management and HR, allowing me to focus on the stuff I was good at.
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The trouble with value and how to price it

value based pricing At the same time, I know that very often the work I do with my clients results in a turnaround in their business worth many times what they pay me. Looking at the “Value Based Pricing Model” in other words, I really don’t charge anywhere near enough for my coaching and I have tried to increase my fees for a little while now.
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SBR Family business resources and information

A collection of great resources and information for Family business owners
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AYF Family Business; When husband and wife partner up in small business

Roland helped us get clear on our roles and responsibilities in the business and find a realistic balance between work and home life … Business is Fun again, for both of us.
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Small People Are Breathing Life Into Influence Marketing

Social media ad platform Gnack has strictly defined micro-influencers as those people who have 10,000 followers or less. Anything more than that is pointless.
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Cold calling is not dead, it just smells funny

By being strategic about the people I approach and the emails I write them, I often have great success opening a business opportunity.
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