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Lessons from Master Networkers

networking business

How networking can work for you and be fun as well

I’ve written before about how networking doesn’t work… And I remain convinced that much networking is wasted time.

But developing our businesses still means continuously meeting new people, new suppliers, new referral sources, new clients. Obviously, networking is still one of the most effective ways to do so.

But there’s networking and there’s networking.

On the one hand is attending some kind of dedicated networking event, standing around making small talk with strangers in the vain hope they’ll buy something from you. And on the other hand is networking with strategy and focus. It took me some years to work out the difference, but once I did, networking actually started to work.

There are a bunch of lessons I learned over the years from master networkers about how to turn networking into an efficient form of business development, these are my favorites:

1)  Own the room:

The first lesson about networking, I actually learned from an acting and singing teacher, who I took some lessons from in 2005. Marriette Rups-Donnelly owns Powerhouse Presentations and one of the things she taught me is to own the room. Owning the room starts by getting there early. Being one of the first at the event allows you to greet people as they walk in, help them over their nerves and introduce them around to others. It is great strategy for them and it’s great for you as well. Being early means you are less likely to have to rudely cut in to small groups of people talking.

Successful networking starts even earlier though. Before you get to the event, owning the room means preparing your mindset before you even walk in the door. I remember Marriette teaching me to imagine I wore a big cape. She got me to visualise wearing a big swishing suave shiny red cape and to imagine sweeping into a room with it, taking up a lot more space than my physical body.

Imagining myself as a dashing Imperial Russian prince from the 1870s, making an entrance with my cape, was not something that came naturally. But around about the same time I was also studying NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). NLP talks a lot about taking control of your mental state (see Anthony Robbins and other NLP practitioners). With the help of NLP and Marriette I did start to get more comfortable with walking in and owning the room and I am here to tell you those two “tricks” combined, started having an enormous impact on my networking exploits.

Next time you go to a networking event… Get there early, take a deep breath before you walk into the room and imagine yourself a latter day Count Vronsky with a big cape sweeping behind you before you walk in, it’s actually a lot of fun, trust me.

2)  A coffee is better than 20 cards

business networking Have you ever been accosted at a networking event by someone who just hands you his card and says: “If you ever need a web developer, call me” and walks off to spray his cards over everyone else at the meeting. It’s annoying right? How much business do you think that leads to for the webdeveloper?

David Jones from David Jones Electricians in Sydney has always understood the wisdom of the old saying: “People do business with people they know like and trust”. In other words, business comes about as a consequence of genuine personal connections. David attends networking and other events and he looks for people he can make a genuine connection with. He’d rather spend the whole evening talking with one person he connects with than hand out 20 cards to anyone. Afterwards, he always invites people he meets like that to something else, another event, a coffee or something he thinks this person might be interested in, not necessarily business related. And David has built one of the biggest and most engaged networks I know.

Giving someone a business card is worse than useless if you annoy them in the process and they throw your card in the bin on the way out.

Next time, when attending an event, set yourself an intention to meet just one person you’d enjoy having a coffee or going for a walk on the beach with, and invite them to do just that.

3)  Action speaks louder than words

business networking Wendy Lloyd Curley is a networking genius. Wendy owns “Wendy the Candle Lady” an incredibly successful business in an MLM system (Multi Level Marketing, also known as Network Marketing) selling candles, fragrances and home decorations. Wendy’s business is all about building relationships, networks and meeting new people. The thing I learnt from Wendy is her statement: If you leave a one-on-one coffee/ networking meeting without at least one committed action, the meeting has been a waste of everyone’s time. Wendy has lots and lots of coffee meetings with people and she always walks away committed to go and actually do one thing for the other person. She also encourages this person to commit to at least one single action on Wendy’s behalf. Actions like: “I am going to write one email tomorrow to this accountant I know and introduce you to him”. Single committed actions such as those are much more likely to have an impact than a generic: “Ok, Great I’ll certainly keep that in mind and be on the lookout for you”.

In your next coffee meeting with someone you meet at a networking event, make sure you find one small simple action that might be useful to the other person and go and do it.

4)  The hostess gets the mostess

Martin Paul owns More Strategic. More Strategic is a management consultancy that focuses on supporting Not for Profits and Charities to improve their fundraising.

Not long ago Martin spoke at a fundraising conference and at the end of his talk he invited all attendants to drinks and nibbles in a private room at the venue that evening to talk in greater depth about the implications of his talk. Some 25 executives from some of the major charities showed up. In the following year, several new contracts flowed from this initiative.

Being the host of an event bestows enormous benefits on you.

What event can you host?

5)  Focus beats Spray and Pray

business networking Geoff Anderson from Sonic Sight produces videos for organisations in Sydney. Some time ago Geoff decided that a great target market for his video production work is the private school system in the big cities of Australia. Investigating marketing options to this market, he found an annual conference in Australia that was well attended by many of the marketing directors in the private school system. Geoff decided to sponsor the conference and offer the conference organiser assistance in video production on the day. Geoff was the only video producer at the conference and connected meaningfully with some 50 of his prime clients. The project cost him some money and time, but it would have taken him years of attending random networking events, fruitlessly knocking on doors and being turned away by gatekeepers to achieve the same result.

The name of the game is focus.

How can you get to talk to a bunch of your clients all in the same room?

There are other tips I can give you to make networking more effective, such as:

  • Always follow up.
  • Dress appropriately and a little different than everyone else.
  • Experiment with different opening lines, and practice them.

But if you take the big 5 above to heart and practice them, networking will start to work for your business… I promise you.

For more resources, and reading on strategies for growing your business follow this link to the first of The 7 Big Questions that all small business owners want answered

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Networking: Getting Involved In Your Community


How networking can lower your stress levels

overwhelmed For most small business owners, the crises never end. You have, staff, suppliers, and clients, inspectors, assessors, OH&S, landlords, councils, work-cover, insurance claims, license renewals, compulsory professional development points, tax, the bank, paperwork, marketing, IT, sales, quality assurance and the list goes on. You run around from brushfire to brushfire all day, and no one seems to be able to do anything without you. As a result, you just don’t get around to doing the stuff you would actually like to do.
And to top it off, your health suffers, your family barely see you and even when you do take a holiday, you are always on the phone, just so the business will still be there when you get back.
Most business owners feel overwhelmed and stressed and unsure where to focus their attention next.

Nobody “gets” it

Try and explain your life to someone who doesn’t run their own business and the chances are their eyes will glaze over before you’ve even finished the first sentence.

Nobody else “gets” it… You may be surrounded by well-meaning partners and friends, but they rarely understand what it is like to be in charge every day, wearing all the hats of marketing, sales, finance, customer satisfaction, quality control, tax, work cover, staff wellbeing, systems and innovation etc etc. etc The buck always stops with you and nobody else.

The feeling of being alone adds to the consistent feelings of overwhelm and stress and can cost the business owner dearly on a personal level, and on a business level from bad decision making and stifled business development.

Soldier on

Yet most business owners just “soldier on” regardless, because they don’t know what else to do and they often feel trapped.

Is any of this starting to feel familiar?

So what can you do to get out of this trap and start to build a Fun Business that sustains you for years to come?

As a business coach who specialises in working with people in trade businesses, I often ask my clients what they believe is the most valuable resources of their business.

The most frequent answers are:

  • My Staff
  • My Customers
  • My Machinery.

In actual fact though, nothing will ever be as valuable to your business as your time and your health. Everything else in your business you can hire, buy or borrow more off, but your time and your health are the only truly limited resources that your business can not live without.

Time to look after you?

So take a deep breath and ask yourself: Is it time to treat those two key resources with the respect they deserve? Time to start to look after yourself and acknowledge that you just can’t do it all on your own?

The good news is this:  There are other people out there who ‘Get it’ – honestly – they are called fellow business owners and getting involved with fellow business owners may be one of the most effective things you can do to lower your stress – and build your business.

One of the most effective ways to build a business that sustain you for years to come is to take the time to get involved with local business communities.

The benefits of doing this are well documented and include:

  • Support and feedback from others who do get it!
  • Shared Knowledge and access to experts.
  • Building relationships and alliances for future business development.
  • Support when you are struggling.
  • Assistance from those who have probably ‘been there and done that’ before.

Jamie gets involved

plumber A client of mine, Jamie, has a small plumbing business based in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. A few years ago Jamie’s life looked just like I described above, he wasn’t sleeping and was stressed and worn out.

One day a mate of Jamie’s with an electrical business invited Jamie to come along to a weekly business breakfast group. Although Jamie had never been much of a networker he decided to attend.

The meeting was a revelation for Jamie, because there, at the breakfast table, were 35 small business owners who were all ‘in the same boat’ and they met every week to support each other in the development of their businesses.

To cut a long story short, Jamie joined the group, and has attended the business breakfast every week for the last three years. The change in Jamie’s outlook on life and business has been amazing. He said to me: “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel again and for once, it’s not a train”.

Jamie’s advice

Besides attending the breakfast meeting each week, Jamie also regularly meets with his fellow members one-on-one. He’s often asked for advice and for once, people’s eyes don’t glaze over when he talks about a pressing issue. On the contrary, they roll up their sleeves and want to know more.

One of the objectives of the group is also to refer business to each other, and by the end of year three of his membership, Jamie’s business has grown by 50%, largely as a result of joining the group.

The best news is that Jamie doesn’t feel so isolated anymore, he is even sleeping again and his family get to see him again as well.


Here are some options for getting involved:

  • Join your local professional body’s barbeques, trainings and other gatherings.
  • Join your local or State Chamber of Commerce and get involved.
  • Join a business referral group, such as BNI ( and get involved
  • Join an advisory board program.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will reduce your stress levels and be one of the best business decisions you ever make… I promise you.

Jamie will be involved with his community for years to come… What will you get involved with?

So go on… get out there!

The Benefits of Advisory Boards in Business (White Paper May 2013)

advisory board

Decision Making And The Lonely Business Owner

How to drive your business forward with an Advisory Board

By Roland Hanekroot, May 2013

Life as a business owner often consists of running from client emergency to cash flow crisis, extinguishing a “shoddy work” brushfire on the way, while juggling a supplier disaster and ending the day with a staff meltdown – only to do it all again the next day.

crisis sign Most business owners feel overwhelmed, in information overload and at a loss of where to focus their attention next. Because as a business owner, there are very few people you can talk to about the challenges and opportunities you have from day to day and week to week.

Rarely do you get a pat on the back; rarely do you get encouraged to pull a little harder. Rarely do you get challenged about where your focus is and how you spend your time. And rarely do you get high-quality independent advice and input. It is all down to you.

How do Successful CEOs do it all?

Successful CEOs of big companies seem to manage to focus their attention on four aspects of business only, namely:

  1.  Strategy – Where to drive the business
  2. Brand – How the business is perceived in the market
  3. Performance – Making sure the business runs at maximum profitability, long- and short-term
  4. People – Developing individuals and teams, for now and the future

The Lonely Road of the Business Owner

How good would that be? You’d like some of that, too, of course… right after you deal with this irate client…

What life is actually like for you in your business, is that you spend most of your time worrying about: business office

  • Making the right decisions
  • Focusing on the right things
  • How you compare against your competitors
  • If you are following the right strategy (or any strategy at all)
  • Having stretch-goals and if you are pulling hard enough
  • If you are micro managing your people or the opposite
  • If you have the business model right
  • If you spend enough time developing your people
  • Your health
  • If you spend enough time with your family

How would it be to…?

Instead of all of that, how much better would it be:

  • To feel confident that you were focused on the stuff that matters?
  • To feel excited about the direction you are steering the business?
  • To know that your team is all pulling in that same direction?
  • To make decisions confidently, knowing that they were the right ones?
  • To have powerful goals and strategies in place, and to feel yourself and your business making steps every day that get you closer and closer to those goals?

>> How large, do you think, would the impact of that on your business (and you and your personal life) be?

>> How big a difference would this make to the growth and bottom line of your business, do you think?

>> Pause for a moment – and imagine being in that blissful state every day, and picture what business and life will look like for you then. Nice, right?

So, how do they do it?

Successful CEOs in big corporations seem to be able to do it  somehow, and they generally have many more crises to deal with on a daily basis than you do.

How do they manage to keep their focus, cut through the crap, and know what to delegate and what to hold on to?

This is how they do it:

  1. the boardCEOs have a board to support them; with executive as well as non-executive directors with lots of experience and knowledge.
  2. Their shareholders, through the board of directors, hold them accountable to focusing on the right things all the time.
  3. CEOs have one or more mentors, whom they rely on to brainstorm with and use as sounding boards.
  4. They have executive coaches to help them stay focused on doing “the right things right” and they work with once a month or fortnight.

How can you get this support?

As a lonely business owner, this is what you can do to become one of those successful CEOs:

  1. Get a Partner. Go into partnership with someone who injects new energy and brings with them specific skills, knowledge and resources that you don’t have. Sometimes a great way to create a partnership can be to talk to one of your competitors and suggest a merger of the two businesses. The whole may turn out to be greater than the sum of its parts.
  2. Find one (or more) Mentors in your Industry. Often there are retired business owners and entrepreneurs in your industry who would love to mentor someone and who have “been there, done that”. Contact your professional association as a starting point, your local business chambers, or AIM, the Australian Institute of Management.
  3. coachGet a Business Coach (a good one). There are lots of business coaches around these days. Good ones and bad ones. They have different methodologies, approaches and experience. Get referrals from friends, interview a number of coaches and even try out a couple of different ones – until you find the one with just the right mix of experience and everything else you want and need.
  4. Put together a Voluntary Advisory Board. Again, often there are people who are retired or otherwise can afford to “give back” and enjoy doing so. Keep this to three to five people maximum. Sometimes you might offer people like that a minor remuneration.
  5. Engage a paid Board of Advisers. This board could be made up of your accountant (as long as they can and will function as a financial management adviser rather than a tax accountant only), your favourite commercial lawyer, and an uncle or friend who is a business owner in a non-competing business.

What are the Benefits of engaging this Type of Support?

There is no substitute for external, independent input, advice and insight – and, possibly even more important, is to have external accountability.

A good coach, a mentor or an advisory board will pull you back every time you stray and get distracted from the path. Each of them will help you to focus on the stuff that really matters for the long-term success of the business.

With this support, you will start to:

  • Make better decisions
  • Focus on the stuff that matters
  • Learn to delegate more effectively
  • Fine tune your business model
  • Engage your staff more effectively
  • Have happier customers
  • Make more money
  • Enjoy yourself a lot more in your business

Good business coaches and well-structured advisory boards will help you develop strategies and business plans, and set short-, medium- and long-term goals with you. They will support you, work with you and keep you accountable to achieving those goals. Week by week, month by month.

Your Uncle on Your Board?

The five options above are excellent options, though they may not be appropriate for you right now, because:

  • Partnerships can also be fraught with danger
  • Working individually with a business coach can be demanding time-wise and associated costs can also be prohibitive
  • Finding an appropriate mentor or voluntary advisory board may be challenging
  • Relying on volunteers, either individually or on as a board, is sometimes problematic, because volunteers can’t or won’t always commit to give you as much attention and time as you’d like (or they would if they were paid)
  • Engaging a paid board can become a very expensive exercise
  • You have heaps of respect for your uncle, but putting him on your Board is an entirely different matter again!

One more Option for You

There is also sixth option you can explore.

A number of organisations run ‘CEO Clubs’ or ‘Virtual Boards’.

The essence of a CEO Club is that a small group of fellow business owners, who are at a similar stage of business development, get together with a professional facilitator/ business coach on a regular basis (monthly, for example).  They then function as a board of advisers for each other’s businesses.

Each of the different organisations that run CEO Clubs have given them their own flavour, structure, format and frequency.

A well run CEO Club incorporate the best of all worlds. Members of a club get the benefits of an experienced business coach paired with a group of fellow business owners: peers who are supporting you and hold you accountable to your business goals. All at a fraction of the cost of some of the other options CEOs of large organisations can fall back on.

A simple Google search will lead you to a number of different CEO Clubs in your area.

Introducing the Business Growth Clubs

My own business-coaching clients asked me to create such a CEO Club-style group program a little while ago. As a result, I now regularly run two such clubs in Sydney, called “The Business Growth Clubs”.

These clubs have become a great support and success with all members agreeing that they are getting fantastic results and value from their participation.

advisory boardI therefore have started to run regular, free information and introductory sessions for business owners who would like to explore whether being part of a Business Growth Club could be beneficial to them. Just follow the links below to find out where and when the next free information session will take place.

You can find more information about the Business Growth Clubs, their structure, format, benefits and criteria for membership here:

To register for the next free info session, please follow this link: Your registration fee secures your spot and will be refunded straight after your attendance.

If you would like any other information or talk about your options, please feel free to contact me, Roland Hanekroot, on 0404 490 012 or email me at

Free Resources & Further Reading:


  Roland Hanekroot is a business coach based in Sydney, and the founder of New Perspectives.Roland focuses on helping his clients grow their business, make more money, find more time and, above all, have more fun in their business.Roland is the author of the “Ten Truths for Business Owners” series of business books (see

SBP Business – Life Coaching Programs

All of my Business-Life Coaching

programs designed to support you to

build your unique beautiful business

You weren't  actually planning to build it all on your own, were you?

Jump ahead to the programs here

Being in and around small business for the past 30+ years, I’ve come to understand the value of Business – Life Coaching and mentoring, because I have learnt two things:

  1. That many small business owners often feel overwhelmed and stuck in their daily lives as entrepreneurs. (More about overwhelm and personal wellbeing for small business owners here)
  2. That the most effective way out of that overwhelm is to find the right external advice, guidance, mentoring, or coaching. It doesn’t matter what name you give it, what it comes down to is: Asking for Help

My own experience as the owner of a building company in Sydney for 20 years was exactly like that and I’ve seen the same patterns repeated over and over with most of the small business owners I’ve met. The only sure fire way to step out of overwhelm, get unstuck and start moving forward again as energetically and positively as you did in the early years in your business, is to stop trying to do it all yourself.

Because you can’t do it without external advice and help, trust me on that. (More about the different forms of business support, advice and guidance here)

It takes a village

No business owner who ever built a Beautiful Business and Life, did it on their own. Successful entrepreneurs know it takes a village, and they look for the best advisers, mentors, and coaches they can find. For example you can read the story of one of my most successful clients here.

Fun in Business All of my Business – Life Coaching, mentoring, webinar and workshop programs below are designed specifically for small business owners who do find themselves overwhelmed and stressed in their business. They’re designed for people who want to start Having more Fun in Business again. The programs are aimed at helping business owners discover what their own unique Beautiful Business and Life could really look like and then to help them build it.

It's difficult to decide: Free Five Steps to Discovery Process

My business coaching and mentoring programs are listed below with links to more information. But I know it can be difficult to decide what kind of support and guidance you really need at this stage on your journey as a business owner, just from reading a few pages on a website.

Because of that I suggest we follow my Free Five Steps to Discovery Process before you make any decisions about how or when to engage with me, starting with a free 30 minute Discovery Coaching session (Skype) combined with a short business discovery survey and report.

Next Steps

You can book a Discovery Business Coaching session and Business Discovery Survey through any one of the forms of this page. In the Discovery session, we’ll get to know each other a little and I’ll will ask you a thousand questions to get a good understanding of where you are in your business and life, what your challenges and opportunities are and how I can best support you, allowing me to tailor the next steps in the Five Steps to Discovery Process.

The Coaching Programs

These are my different coaching programs, click to read more or book an initial session:

“Having Roland’s support and guidance is like being infused with 20 years’ experience in six months”.

(Dan Kordiak, DynaFix)

Further reading and resources about business coaching and getting external advice:

One-Month Business Transformation

Business coaching programs, mentoring, advice, guidance. Australia business transformation

How would it be to blow away one big hurdle first?

Click here for the Full One-Month-Transformation page

Summary: What’s it all about:

The one Month business transformation programs are short sharp, intense business coaching programs designed to tackle one specific issue in your business, find the clarity and focus you need and implement a series of effective and simple strategies that will transform that aspect of your business.

The Transformation programs consist of up to 4 business coaching sessions of between 1 and 2 hrs each via Skype, spread out over one month. Read about all of the one-month transformation programs here.

“I wanted to find out ways of reshaping my company to enjoy my work more and get back to doing the things that made me choose my vocation in the first place. Roland helped me do this and has re-energised me and my company.”

(Michael Hill, Lightwell)

Why it’s important for you:

At any one time in your business there may be one challenge above all others that needs to be tackled effectively right now before you and the business can start to move forward again:

  • Maybe it’s your marketing that isn’t working and you are not getting enough new inquiries,
  • Or maybe you’re not converting enough inquiries into new sales, or
  • You’re always struggling to pay the bills on time, or
  • Maybe your staff are not delivering for you, or
  • Your business plan is way out of date
  • Or you simply feel that you are drifting from job to job, client to client, without a sense of direction.

Most of us experience at least one of those challenges at some stage in our journey. And when we are in the midst of such a challenge it can be like a fog through which we can see very little else. Is that true for you at the moment? And what is the issue that causes the fog for you?

What you can expect from the program:

Before we even start a One-Month Program, I will help you decide which is the challenge that keeps you awake most, the issue that must be tackled before you can start to look for the horizon again (see the “Discovery Session” below). I will then customise the program to make sure we address that issue in the most effective way possible.

Then we’ll work together intensively for a month to bring about a real change in this aspect of your business. At the end of the month, you will feel a great sense of relief; The fog has lifted and you can start to see the horizon again, and you’ll not be kept awake at night any longer by that issue.

Free Five Step Discovery Process:

Before we engage in any of my coaching programs, I always suggest we follow my Five Steps to Discovery Process, starting with a free 30 minute Discovery Coaching session (Skype) combined with a short business discovery survey and report. You can book a Discovery Business Coaching session and Business Discovery Survey through any one of the forms of this page. In the Discovery session, we’ll get to know each other a little and I’ll get some insight into what stage you and your business are at, allowing me to tailor the next steps in the Five Steps to Discovery Process.

Next step:

Fill in the form below to book a free Discovery Business Coaching Session with me, or go to the One-Month-Transformation page for more information.

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The Fun in Business Intensive

Business coaching programs, mentoring, advice, guidance. Australia

Are you ready for the adventure of a life time?

Click here for the full Fun in Business Intensive page

Summary: What’s it all about:

The New Perspectives Fun in Business Intensive is a transformative 6 to 12 month business coaching, mentoring and leadership development program designed for individual small business owners and also especially husband and wife business partners (read more about husband and wife family business owners here), who want to change and Build a Beautiful Business and Life and who are ready to get stuck into doing so now.

The business coaching program combines Visioning, Goalsetting, Planning, Strategy, Accountability, Support, Guidance, Brainstorming and Advice with Coaching and Mentoring methodologies and resources that simply work. Fun in business or why running a business doesn’t have to be like playing whack-a-mole

Further reading about why Fun is the opposite of Overwhelm

More about overwhelm and getting unstuck

All about the Fun in Business Program

Why it’s important for you:

Change happens on journeys. Nothing ever happened in the safety of the harbour. To change our business and our life we have to get out onto the ocean and set sail for the horizon and above all, we can’t ever come back.

When you are ready to change your business and your life, I’d love to come on the journey with you. I will help you set a course, and adjust the course when required. I’ll keep you focused on the course and I’ll guide and teach you how to keep the ship safe and heading in the right direction. I’ll warn you when there’s a storm or a reef coming and I’ll make sure that you know when to row and row hard and when to let the wind take you along for a while.

What you can expect:

The Fun in Business Intensive is not for the faint hearted. The structure of the “Intensive” ensures that we will tackle the big issues, all the big rocks that have blocked your way to the business you dream of will be blown away or we’ll find a way around them; The program is called “The Intensive” because it is the most intensive one-on-one business coaching and mentoring program you can engage with while also running your business at the same time. It’s is full on and it has made grown men cry… But it works, every time.

Coming on the Journey with me in the Fun in Business Intensive will truly change your business and your life for ever.

I promise you

Free Five Step Discovery Process:

Before we engage in any of my coaching programs, I always suggest we follow my Five Steps to Discovery Process, starting with a free 30 minute Discovery Coaching session (Skype) combined with a short business discovery survey and report. You can book a Discovery Business Coaching session and Business Discovery Survey through any one of the forms of this page. In the Discovery session, we’ll get to know each other a little and I’ll get some insight into what stage you and your business are at, allowing me to tailor the next steps in the Five Steps to Discovery Process.

Next step:

Fill in the form below to book a free Discovery Business Coaching Session with me, or go to the Fun in Business webpage for more information.

“I can’t recommend Roland enough to any business owner who wants to grow their business strongly, they will benefit enormously from his ongoing advice and support.”

(Michael Nelson, Scissors, Paper, Rock)

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Brainstorming and sounding board

brainstorming What’s it all about?

Sometimes you need to know you can pick up the phone to someone you trust, because you need a sounding board, some independent input, a sense check, some advice or simply someone to vent your frustration on, allowing you to move on again.

I provide those functions for a number of small business owners, either on an ad hoc basis, when we book in an hour or more and I get you to think about a specific question to focus on in our session, or on an ongoing retainer basis.

Free Five Step Discovery Process:

Before we engage in any of my coaching programs, I always suggest we follow my Five Steps to Discovery Process, starting with a free 30 minute Discovery Coaching session (Skype) combined with a short business discovery survey and report. You can book a Discovery Business Coaching session and Business Discovery Survey through any one of the forms of this page. In the Discovery session, we’ll get to know each other a little and I’ll get some insight into what stage you and your business are at, allowing me to tailor the next steps in the Five Steps to Discovery Process.

Next step:

Fill in the form below to book a free Discovery Business Coaching Session with me.

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Small Business Masterminds™ webinars

Business coaching programs, mentoring, advice, guidance. Australia

Click here for the full Masterminds page

Summary: What’s it all about:

Each of the Small Business Masterminds Foundation Webinars covers one of “The Truths” as featured in “The Ten Truths Trilogy” business books. The webinars are interactive and fast paced. Lots of valuable insights and resources will lead you to great clarity and insight and you’ll walk away with one or more simple practical steps that will start to change your business and your life. Watch any of the recorded Mastermind webinars here

Why it’s important for you:

The Small Business Masterminds Foundation webinars are free and the webinars will help you move past your key challenges in developing your business.

You will walk away with clarity, insight and focus and you’ll be able to implement one or more simple practical actions that will start to move you past your challenges in developing your business.

There are varying topics such as:

  1. The Purpose of Business
  2. Business Planning
  3. Keeping your finger on the Pulse of your business
  4. Time Management
  5. Why Fun is all that matters in business
  6. Sales,
  7. Marketing
  8. Continuous improvement
  9. Leadership
Next step:

Follow this link to read about this month’s webinar and book in. The Small Business Masterminds Foundation webinars are always free to allow you to check out how my Fun in business programs can change your life.

“In the brief 6 month period it took to complete Roland’s ‘Fun in business intensive for Small Business’ we transformed a small, work from home, Architecture practice into a beautiful new expanded vibrant business.”

(Mathew Stubbs, Stubbs Design Tribe)

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The Business Growth Clubs

Note: Growth Clubs are run by request by a minimum of 8 small business owners

The Business Growth Clubs Program is designed to provide small business owners with a true advisory board for their business.

Why it’s important to you:

Most small business owners feel overwhelmed and alone from time to time. There isn’t anybody to brainstorm and share stuff with. The Small Business Boards are small groups (max 6) of small business owners who commit to support each other and hold each other accountable  and come together for that purpose once a month.

Next step:
If you think you’d like to have a Board of your peers to support you and to hold you accountable to your Goals every month, follow this link to find out more

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Custom workshops and webinars

Note: On request, by application

I deliver customised powerful business development workshops and webinars on many topics from Fun in Business and Purpose to time management and Leadership to groups small business owners in various industries.

The workshops can and will be tailored to your needs.

More information here

“For the first time in 8 years I have been able to take a mid year holiday”.

(Andrew Kitchen, Lobster Software)