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My coaching, mentoring, webinars, workshops, and seminar programs are designed specifically for small business owners who want to have more fun in business and build businesses that sustain them for years to come.

The Net Promoter Score and why it matters to you

A closer look at the Net Promoter Score: Promoters, Passives and Detractors A closer look at the Net Promoter Score: Promoters, Passives and Detractors, and why it matters so much to your business growth
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #6: Asking for Help

Ten Priorities, external advice I guarantee that no matter which inspiring business role model you interview, they’ll all tell you their success is due partly to the support of one or more mentors, coaches or advisers.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #5: Guessing

That’s the secret about planning: Planning is something we must do again every day. When realities change, we must change our plans right along with them.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #3: Having Fun

By focusing solely on money as the indicator of success in business, you are doing yourself and everyone else who is touched by the business a disservice.
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BQ Guidance support coaching external advice mentoring

You need support to build a Great Business, but you can’t ask your spouse to hold you accountable to your strategic Goals, it leads to divorce, trust me on that. Your friends won’t provide an independent perspective, because they’re not independent. Your brother can’t hold up a mirror to you, because there’s too much baggage in your shared history.
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BQ The 7 Big Questions most business owners want answered

Most business owners will ask themselves The 7 Big Questions of Small Business at some stage on the journey to building a Great Business that Stands the Test of Time
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #2: Doing Nothing

But the work of the business owner can only ever be done by you. And thinking, reflecting, day-dreaming even, is the ultimate work of the business owner.
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First Things First: What is the Purpose of your business?

big question purpose of business Have you asked yourself the big question of business? Do you know what the biggest question of all is in business? You should you know, life will never be the same again if you ask yourself the question.
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The best software tools for your small business

It’s impossible to keep track of all the new business software that comes out every month, and it’s impossible to know which of these amazing apps actually will improve our lives and which are simply going to make us pull out our hair.
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No business without sales

car sales man All of his KPIs moved up, except one… His revenue. Sales stuck more or less where they’d been for the past three years, and nothing seemed able to get that number to move.
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