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BQ Personal Development

leadership I believe personal development and leadership is integral to developing your business. Changing our businesses means having to become leaders, the kind of business owners who commit to developing as people, as managers, as communicators, and as coaches.
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Making Money from Death and Hamburgers

making money But just like I would be sad to live in a world where the only restaurants we can eat at are McDonalds, likewise I’d hate to live in a world where all the funeral parlours were run by 18 yr olds who were trained to ask me: “Do you want roses with that?”
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Family business: Husband and Wife as business partners

Family business husband and wife business partners Husband and wife business partnerships can be really satisfying, they can be great vehicles for making money while allowing a couple to grow and develop together. But family businesses come with a unique set of challenges.
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Growing your business is the easy part

small business growth How do you keep delivering consistent quality and reliability, day in day out, even when your business doubles and triples?
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Why I don’t believe in business coaching and why it works

Why coaching works It’s such a comforting idea, isn’t it? The idea that there is some greater power that’s going to look after you in your time of need… Except it ain’t so
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Small Business Innovation and My Beautiful Laundrette

The big question was how I could get the great turnover of a city laundry in Maroubra. The stumbling block appeared to be being located in Maroubra but in fact that became my stepping stone
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Successful Entrepreneurs are Resilient People

Successful entrepreneurs and Resilience Accepting that anything could happen, good stuff as well as bad stuff, doesn’t make one a pessimist. Pessimists will imagine the worst. Optimistic realists on the other hand, accept that bad stuff will likely come their way, but they back themselves to be able to manage their way out.
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How to Make a Family Business Work

Family Business Most business owners dream of having their children join the business and have the thing they created be a vehicle for bringing the family closer and making life more comfortable for the family. So how do we minimise the inherent risks of causing major family dramas when getting The Clan involved in The Business.
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When Buying a Business is a Bad Idea

Escaping the rat race and buying a business I do think the business John is looking at buying is healthy. And yet I told him not to do it.
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How Becoming a Corporate Refugee Is Good For You

Business owner, Corporate Refugee Right now is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to create the future you’ve been dreaming of and the longer you keep doing what you’re doing, the harder you’ll find it to get moving.
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