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Courage is one of the key traits in great leadership.

Why I don’t believe in business coaching and why it works

Why coaching works It’s such a comforting idea, isn’t it? The idea that there is some greater power that’s going to look after you in your time of need… Except it ain’t so
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My Brain in Full Trickster Mode is a Sight to Behold

It’s a fascinating process my brain is taking me through these months. It seems to me that it’s all about self-preservation. My brain is intent on protecting me from being hurt. Having to leave the apartment, potentially involves a lot of pain, but if I don’t like the apartment, if I’m bored with the view Everything changes, doesn’t it? I won’t grieve for something I don’t like anyway.
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When Buying a Business is a Bad Idea

Escaping the rat race and buying a business I do think the business John is looking at buying is healthy. And yet I told him not to do it.
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How Becoming a Corporate Refugee Is Good For You

Business owner, Corporate Refugee Right now is the best opportunity you’ll ever have to create the future you’ve been dreaming of and the longer you keep doing what you’re doing, the harder you’ll find it to get moving.
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Journeys, Goals, Ships and Ancient Secrets Podcast

skydiving I don’t believe in Goal setting anymore, at least not in the way we normally think of goals, because I believe that Goal-setting is about setting a course on a Journey of Change; Goals are never about actual places to get to.
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Resilience is the Key to Building a Great Business

To be a successful small business owner I believe you must live higher up the resilience scale than the average person, because the journey of building a small business is full of traps and snags
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Happiness, Positive Thinking and Acceptance

enough Searching for Happiness is a self defeating contradiction
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grandfather Sep 2013 What becoming a Grandfather taught me about Business If you enjoy this article click here to get a copy of one of the “The Ten Truths” books for business owners for free I’ve become a Grandfather in the
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Change — Why It’s Hard and Why We Need It

Change, The Comfort Zone and The Void     If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to be someone you’ve never been. Your business is what it is today, because of who you are today. That means that
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How to Measure Fun in Business

Fun-O-Meter “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
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