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Your time, health, and brain cells are gold. They cannot be replaced. Always remember: the business must work for you, not the other way round.

AR Business-Life Coaching Principles

How is Business – Life Coaching different from any of the other forms of business support you might come across, and why would it matter to you when building your own Beautiful Business and Life?
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #6: Asking for Help

Ten Priorities, external advice I guarantee that no matter which inspiring business role model you interview, they’ll all tell you their success is due partly to the support of one or more mentors, coaches or advisers.
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BQ Personal Development

leadership I believe personal development and leadership is integral to developing your business. Changing our businesses means having to become leaders, the kind of business owners who commit to developing as people, as managers, as communicators, and as coaches.
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BQ Work-Life-Balance

Many of the greatest thinkers about business and work believe that Work-life-balance is an unattainable dream, at least in the way we generally think about it. And you know this is true too, because in the real world of your business, if anything is to get done at all, it’s all down to you; if you don’t do it, the whole thing collapses like a house of cards.
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The Ten Priorities; Priority #1: Yourself

The first responsibility of any business owner is to look after the assets of the business and to maximise the return the business gets from those assets. And so, the most important job of a responsible business owner is to look after him- or herself.
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Ten Priorities for Change: Foundations for building a Great Business and Life

foundation change business life I believe that effective business coaching and development programs should focus as much on the person of the business owner, as they are on the mechanics of business. As a Business-Life Coach, therefore I want to help you become the very strongest foundation for your business you can be.
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Laziness, procrastination and time wasting; Time management #2

I realised, one day, that what caused my procrastination, was not knowing what to write. That insight changed my procrastination patterns forever because I started taking a whole new approach to my writing. From that day, I decided to trust myself that something would come out as long as I’d start writing.
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I used to be the smartest person in the room

But I don’t want those options. I resent being forced to choose one of them. What I really want is to throw a tantrum, stamp my feet, throw myself on the floor and scream at the top of my voice, until someone fixes things for me.
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Frogmind, the Buddha and my Worries

The ultimate aim of many of the religions and philosophies of life, as I understand them, is to attain a state of mind akin to that of the frogs: Nothing matters, except being entirely present in the here and now. Being here and nowhere else.
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What Richard Branson Can Teach Us About Being Happier Human Beings & Business Owners

What Richard Branson Can Teach Us About Being Happier Humans & Business Owners Being Richard Branson is not all it’s cracked up to be… focus on your own journeys
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