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My ego and the death of my mother

no desires presence lotus No matter how hard I tried to imagine the future after my mother died, it was as if I was looking at a black screen of a big television that wasn’t turned on, just a big black flat nothing. My imagination simply wasn’t able to create a picture of life without my mother in it.
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Looking Life In the Eye

death life When death does happen to us, we act as if we never saw it coming. We spend 9 months or more preparing for the arrival of a baby, from organizing support to getting the baby’s room ready. How about holding a “Death Shower” to balance out the saccharine sweetness of the “Baby Shower”?
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Death is the Big Event — The Most Important Party in Your Life

dying death life choices coaching Recently I took part in a meeting to plan the most important event in my mother’s life… the end of it… did it feel weird?… you bet it did and also really powerful
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When Death Enters the Room Everything Changes

grim reaper The process of becoming more and more decrepit, becoming dependent on the goodness of others and slowly losing all capacity for making your own decisions about your own life… that scares the bejeesus out of me.
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