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The key step to take control of your business and your life

How do I take control of my business Why I said No to an amazing opportunity and passed it on to a friend of mine. To take control of your business and life and get off the roller coaster of small business, one of the most important skills to develop as a business owner is the ability to say No. Knowing what to go for and especially what not to go for is at the root of building a Beautiful Business and Life
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BQ Overwhelmed and Stuck, take control of my Business

Most business owners have experienced a sense of frustration and overwhelm in their business from time to time. The secret to getting unstuck and taking control, and building a Beautiful Business and Life, is to start to think differently about your business than you have until now.
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SBP Overwhelm and the Fun in Business Intensive Program

Business transformation doesn’t happen overnight; It can only ever start by going on an adventure, a journey to discover what your unique Beautiful Business and Life can really look like. The Fun in Business Intensive is all about going on the adventure of a life time to do just that and then to go and build that unique Beautiful Business and Life.
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