The before and after stories of Daniel Vasin of Vasin Accountants.

daniel vasin accountants

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Daniel Vasin is the owner of Vasin Accountants in Sydney. Daniel prides himself on being pro-active small business accountants.

The Purpose of Vasin Accountants is:

We strive to put small business owners confidently in control of their business

Daniel Vasin AccountantsBelow is what Daniel wrote about his experiences and his journey to becoming a great small business owner and you can feel free to contact Daniel by phone or email to ask him for more information


Mb phone: 0410334401


Daniel’s story:


Before I started working with Roland our fees were going backwards because we were losing clients. Our client work wasn’t up-to-date because we were falling behind. In fact, I had lost my way in business. There were days when I would bury my head under the bed sheets rather than come into the office. I didn’t have a clear purpose. I didn’t have faith in the future of my business or the staffing structure. I was feeling stale and hollow. I had every excuse under the sun which was preventing me from moving forward and I was sabotaging myself.


After 9 months with Roland, there’s been a complete turnaround. The purpose of my business is very clear to me. I’ve become more proactive in engaging clients and helping them. I start work early now rather than mosey in late. I’ve found my way and I have clarity. We aren’t losing clients anymore because I’m focused on the business. I know my role and I lead by example. We now service and target ideal clients only. I’ve stopped blaming my father for my issues in business and I got my head in order. All of this combined with a material change in improved revenue makes weekly coaching sessions with Roland excellent value.      

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