Why I Didn’t Need a Business Coach

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Seeing the big picture on my Journey


Many years ago my business was bubbling along fairly nicely. It had been going for about 13 years.

I was working fairly hard. Work was somehow finding me and I was getting by.

The thought of using a business coach never occurred to me. In fact, if I recall correctly I wasn’t even really aware of the concept of a business coach. When I first heard of it, it seemed like an indulgent concept for people who can’t get their act together.

I guess the thing is, we don’t know, what we don’t know. I didn’t need a business coach because I didn’t know why I would need one. I didn’t understand what a coach could do for my business and how it could help.

Taking a risk

But I took a risk. I had a coffee with a tall Dutchman I met at a networking function. We talked a bit about what he did and how the process of a coach worked.

As someone who worked on his own, I started to get an idea of the benefit of having someone on the side keeping me focused and accountable to my goals and strategies.

But it wasn’t until I started working with Roland that I truly finally understood why I needed a coach. Because it was during those months of working together that my business transformed into the sustainable business that it is today.

Having an outsider working with me on my business was powerful. He was able to help me see a big picture view of the business and what was required to move ahead in the right direction. It is virtually impossible to do that on your own when you are preoccupied with the day to day running of the operation.


He was able to help me define appropriate goals that aligned with the journey I was on. He would challenge me on processes and logic. He would push me to find the right solution that was best for me personally and professionally.

We identified what was required to generate more business, improve processes, allocated appropriate resources, reduce stress, deliver quality output and increase profits.

geoff anderson We set goals and we achieved them. As a solo operator the benefit of having a mentor, a coach, a sage in your corner is transformative. But you won’t know that until you know it. And you won’t know it until you do it.

Geoff Anderson
is a video producer and owner of Sonic Sight. He is the author of Shoot Me Now and presents on using video to boost business.



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3 comments on “Why I Didn’t Need a Business Coach

  1. A great story, thanks for sharing your view. This will help other businesses to understand where they lack? Also tell me does your coach comes to your place, or you go to his place. Does he available online, or whenever you need how you contact him?

  2. Hi David,
    The tall Dutchman that Geoff Anderson refers to above, was and is my good self… I enjoyed working with Geoff enormously and since we’ve become good friends. I am based in Sydney, but I work with people all round the world via Skype.
    If you’d like to explore how I might best be able to support you in the further development of your business, I’d love to have that opportunity. If you are in Sydney we can catch up for a coffee or otherwise by phone or Skype… You can book in a time with me via my online booking calendar now if you like at https://www.newperspectives.com.au/bookme... or in other words just go the homepage and type a forward slash and the boord bookme behind it, or feel free to call me on 0404490012. Speak soon
    PS: you may also like to download one of my books for free from the links at the top right of this page

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