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It takes a village to build your unique Beautiful Business and life!

Click here to download the 12 Questions Guide and Cheat-sheet now.

Do you sometimes feel a bit lonely, as a business owner? Does the weight of responsibility as an entrepreneur feel heavy on your shoulders, from time to time?

It does, doesn’t it?

So now’s the time for you to get some help… It really is… No entrepreneur who ever built a Great Business, did it on their own.

This is fact

It takes a village to Build your own Beautiful Business and Life.

But hiring a coach, a mentor or adviser is a big step. There’s a lot riding on getting it right.

So with the 12 Questions Guide and Cheat Sheet and the two videos here on this page, I hope to make it a bit easier for you to find the right person to support YOU in YOUR business. Click here to download the 12 Questions Guide and Cheat-sheet now.

These are the steps I suggest you take:

  1. First, do the research, ask for referrals, go to Google, look for testimonials, read coaches websites (especially read their blogs ), to get a sense of where they’re coming from in business and in life.
  2. Select at least 2 or 3 to interview.
  3. Keep in mind that a coach who is brilliant for your friend won’t necessarily be a great coach for you. Coaching and mentoring is all about individual relationships.

You will build a special kind of relationship with your coach or mentor. You must click with each other, and you must learn to trust each other 100 percent. You have to get the feeling that your coach “gets” you and your unique challenges and opportunities, that they are genuinely interested in you and don’t have any agenda other than helping you and your business succeed…

On Your Terms.

A coach ought to be curious and excited to go on a journey with you to discover what your ideal business and life might look like, free from all preconceived agendas.

To help you prepare for each interview, I have created a powerful 12 Question Guide and Cheat-sheet to make it easier to select the right coach. Click here to download the 12 Questions Guide and Cheat-sheet now.

There are two videos on this page, one is the introduction and talks about most of what is written on this page, the second video goes into a lot of detail about how to run effective interviews with prospective business coaches so you are in control of the process of finding the perfect coach to support you to build the business and life you dream of.

More about the many forms of business support that are available to you on this special page here

I’d love to know how you go btw and if you’d like to try some or all of the questions out on me, be sure to get in touch or go straight to my online calendar to book in a free Discovery Session now, click here