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Finding your “True Love(s)” and making Sweet Music with them

Marketing is Everything and Everything is Marketing

Have you thought about the marketing impact of how you answer the phones, or the way you send out your invoices? Have you made it easy for your customers to refer you new custmers? Do you know what your pricing policy says about your business? What about the old rule 101 of marketing, that your best source of new business comes from your old clients? Do you know how to differentiate yourself from everyone else out there? Do you know what it means to establish a really tight niche and make it your own? Would you like to have your customers all to yourself, and Make Sweet Music with them without any of the other buggers getting in your way?

We’re going to answer those questions at the next Masterminds Webinar

Webinar recording below

Resources from the Masterminds about your market niche

The last recording of this webinar:

The recording in podcast (also on Itunes, click here):

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