Starting Your Own Small Business

Starting your own small business

Being an entrepreneur is a buzz and a challenge all in one

Starting your own small business
The reality of being Cinderella and prince Charming

The reality of starting your own small business

You’re about to start your own small business. No more working for the man. The corporate world has bled you dry. Idiot bosses and insane co-workers will no longer bother you; Time to take control of your own life and become a corporate refugee.

After all, you’re great at your profession. As a matter of fact, there’s probably no-one quite as efficient at it as you are. At the very least, you’re too good to be doing to for someone else any longer.

So when they handed out the voluntary redundancies, you jumped and now you’ll have close to a year before you have to be able to pay the bills and feed the family from income you’ve generated with your own small business.

It’s a very exciting time.

The future’s so bright you gotto wear shades.

I’m cheering for you

And as a business and life coach who works with small business owners like you a lot, I want you to know I am cheering for you. I love that you are taking this step and I wish more people would. I think, that when all is said and done, a lot of the world’s depression epidemic is caused by people feeling they are not in control of their lives. Starting your own business is a sure fire way to take that control back again.

More power to your right arm.

But before you jump in the deep end… let me give you a heads up on what you can likely expect.

Because life of a small business owner may not be quite what you expect, and it’s better to be prepared.

It’s all down to me

The biggest complaints I hear from people who have left the employed world and become the owner of their own businesses are these two:

  • First: It’s all down to me; From the toilet paper in the office, to getting the ink cartridges for the printer, to doing the social media posting, to deciding which laptop to buy and how to connect the router to the laptop and have it talk to the printer as well, to drawing up the job description for my assistant, to making sure the bookkeeping system is set up correctly, to going to the networking events, to negotiating the lease with the landlord, to renewing the insurances and registrations and licenses, to writing the business plan and writing the telephone answering script for the receptionist, to organizing the cleaners and answering the after hours inquiries and removing the virus from the infected laptop.

And all of that is what goes on before you’ve even done any of the actual work of the business. The architecture or the design work, or the plumbing or the consulting that your business is all about. Everything is down to you.

  • And second: It’s lonely. I have no one I can actually talk to in my business, certainly not my staff, and at home, my spouse doesn’t really understand what’s going on for me either, and my friends think I’m just whingeing.

Running a small business is entirely different than being an employee in an organization. There is no one employed to ensure there is coffee in the machine or that the toilet paper is replenished. When you’ve just started you simply do not have the budget to employ someone to do all that stuff. You’re it. And If you don’t know a thing about how and where to host your website, you’ll have to find out about it, won’t you!

It’s a total buzz

The cool thing is that when you do get the website up and you do have a client come to your office and comment what a nice space you’ve created or you do shake hands with the new assistant you wrote the job description for, it’s really satisfying, probably more satisfying than anything you’ve ever experienced in your former life as a wage slave. It’s a total buzz.

But it ain’t easy.

Starting your own small business and raising it into a Healthy Bouncy Business is possibly the second most creative and resourceful thing you’ll ever do after raising your kids, but it’s an adventure with all kinds of traps and hurdles and roadblocks along the way. And every time you think you’re all over it, something will hit you from left field that will throw you for six for a while.

It’s worth it though… I promise you.

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