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The Most Important Reason for Taking on a Business Coach

shhhhhhhhhhh I’m no different really to all my fellow coaches; I am similarly convinced of my genius, but in the depth of the night, when noone is listening, I know it hasn’t got anywhere near as much to do with my talents as I like to make out.
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Drowning in the 21st Century

drowning People say that one of the consequences of the short soundbites of Facebook, Twitter and the internet generally is that human beings are unlearning how to read. We are losing our ability to focus on one thing only for any length of time. Is that true?
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Networking: Getting Involved In Your Community

plumber Nobody but you “gets” it… do they? … wrong… some of them do “get” it… those people are called fellow business owners
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Masterminds Observations… More Meetings

verne harnish Business Masterminds Observations   Predictability If you enjoy this article click here to get a copy of one of the “The Ten Truths” books for business owners for free Another thought about the Rhythm of business and how to make
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The Benefits of Advisory Boards in Business (White Paper May 2013)

advisory board Decision Making And The Lonely Business Owner How to drive your business forward with an Advisory Board By Roland Hanekroot, May 2013 Life as a business owner often consists of running from client emergency to cash flow crisis, extinguishing a
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