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Why I Didn’t Need a Business Coach

geoff anderson sonic sight I wasn’t even really aware of the concept of a business coach. When I first heard of it, it seemed like an indulgent concept for people who can’t get their act together.
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Talking to Your Neighbours in the Days of Facebook

chatting across the fence In 2015 I would be surprised if I still need to spend energy convincing business owners to have a website, but just having a website is not enough anymore.
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Masterminds observations… Love over Hate

Love over Hate Business Masterminds Observations   The illusion of “The Power of One” I am reading “Love over Hate, finding life by the wayside” link to the book by Graham Long, pastor and CEO of the Wayside Chapel in Sydney .This is
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Masterminds Observations… Small Giants

My Thoughts about a quote from “Small Giants, companies that choose to be Great instead of Big”, by Bo Burlingham.  
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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Mark’s Great Sales System

Mark’s simple and effective sales system… Truth 7 So you’ve got a great product or an awesome service but where are all your customers? Read on to see how Mark found his customers and sent his sales rocketing. Once upon
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