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Fun is All That Matters: A Small Business Masterminds Webinar Podcast

Fun in Business When your business is Fun, it mens everything is working, it means you’re making money and your staff are engaged and your customers love you and you are proud of what you do and your life is in balance… so let’s focus on Fun in business first of all.
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The Purpose of Business Podcast

boy with megaphone A Fun Business that sustains you for years to come has a Purpose (with a capital “P”) that engages everyone: Your staff, your customers, your suppliers, your community and you!
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What’s Worse Than Tough Choices?

measure love For every complex business problem there is a sporting analogy, that’s simple, obvious, profound… and… Wrong!
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1001 Business Bedtime stories… Michael Cleans Carpets and Builds Dashboards

1001 Business Bedtime stories…… Truth 3, Finger on The Pulse Here follows another one of the “1001 Business Bedtime Stories” … Every story comes straight from the New Perspectives Small Business Bootcamp, stories of business and courage and they illustrate
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