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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Mark’s Great Sales System

Mark’s simple and effective sales system… Truth 7 So you’ve got a great product or an awesome service but where are all your customers? Read on to see how Mark found his customers and sent his sales rocketing. Once upon
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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Kelvin Astounds His Customers

1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Truth 5, Marketing Kelvin realises that his bike shop has one great opportunity to carve out a niche for his bikeshop and build remarkable business. Once upon a time… a long, long time ago in a
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Business Plans that work

A business without a Business Plan achieves everything in it! Yet, why do they have so little impact? We all know the mantra: If you want to have a successful business, you need to have a Business Plan. A truer
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Blue Oceans and clear pools

Blue Oceans and Clear Swimming Pools Or the business lessons I learnt in an Italian “Piscina” By Roland Hanekroot, New Perspectives Business Coaching A few years ago I spent 4 months in Italy looking for the answer to the meaning
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