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Customer Feedback the Simple Way

disapproval Do you know if your customers truly love you? Are they advocates of your business or are they looking for the right opportunity to move on? What are you doing to find out?
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Turning Small Business Customers Into Raving Fans

restaurant Raving Fan Customers will drag their friends to come and do business with you and they will actively defend you against your competition
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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Kelvin Astounds His Customers

1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Truth 5, Marketing Kelvin realises that his bike shop has one great opportunity to carve out a niche for his bikeshop and build remarkable business. Once upon a time… a long, long time ago in a
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Your customers and Sabre-tooth tigers.

Your customers and Sabre-tooth tigers. There is a small almond shaped region in our brains, called the “Amygdala”. It is one of the most primitive regions deep in the base of our brains. As business owners we need to get intimately
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