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The 5 Things to Master in your Small Business in 2017

2017 new year New Year’s (and all time’s) advice to build a Fun Business that sustains you for years to come. The top Five things you must focus on in 2017 and beyond
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Successful Entrepreneurs are Resilient People

Successful entrepreneurs and Resilience Accepting that anything could happen, good stuff as well as bad stuff, doesn’t make one a pessimist. Pessimists will imagine the worst. Optimistic realists on the other hand, accept that bad stuff will likely come their way, but they back themselves to be able to manage their way out.
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What I learned about business and myself in 2016

Careful what you wish for, Business One of the reasons we procrastinate is that we aren’t clear on what it is we are meant to be doing. I suddenly realised a few months ago, that I was stuck in the middle of exactly that kind of procrastination swamp. I didn’t know what I was meant to be doing, because there was nothing to do.
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How to make your small business not suck

Small Business, Business development I’m into my sixth month of developing my business and I’m making just enough to keep the company afloat. It’s a damn hustle and it sucks. Do most people who start small businesses feel this way?
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Why I’m Glad You’re Not An Entrepreneur, But A Small Business Owner

Entrepreneurs vs Small Business Owner Most small business owners are not entrepreneurs… and that’s a good thing
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Reverse Mentoring

old dog Ever heard about “reverse mentoring”? The idea is to take on a mentor who is half your age to get with the times in respect modern communications and use of social media. Senior business people should acknowledge that they might be be wise in business but largely clueless about social media and new forms of communicating and marketing.
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Small Business Can Change The World

boy with megaphone I’ve published a new book I’m launching a new Mission and I want your help to spread the word to all corners of the small business world… seriously get on board!
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