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What Does A Typical Business Owner Look Like?

business acumen Business owners are people who cannot conceive of having their lives controlled by others.
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Business Bedtime Stories: Joan’s Startup Podcast

Joan In which we meet Joan and follow her on her first steps to building a Fun business that sustains her for years to come
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Resilience is the Key to Building a Great Business

To be a successful small business owner I believe you must live higher up the resilience scale than the average person, because the journey of building a small business is full of traps and snags
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The Work-Life Balance myth for Small Business Owners

work life balance Work-Life Balance is a myth, silly idea. It is!, for small business owners at any rate, because your business is your life, isn’t it? So how do you go about creating a balance between two things that are largely one and the same? And by all means, put your life into your business but don’t let your business take over your life!
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See – Feel – Change

Business Masterminds Observations SEE-FEEL-CHANGE I read a wonderful book by Chip and Dan Heath a little while ago called “Switch”, “How to change things when Change is hard” The book is full of wonderful anecdotes and really clear explanations of
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