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The Ten Priorities; Priority #3: Having Fun

By focusing solely on money as the indicator of success in business, you are doing yourself and everyone else who is touched by the business a disservice.
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BQ Overwhelmed and Stuck, take control of my Business

Most business owners have experienced a sense of frustration and overwhelm in their business from time to time. The secret to getting unstuck and taking control, and building a Beautiful Business and Life, is to start to think differently about your business than you have until now.
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10 Rules for Happiness in Business and in Life

chocolate happiness I hate Rules, but if we must have Rules, I’d rather we had Rules about happiness than about eating chocolate or wearing helmets.
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The Opposite of Overwhelm and How to Get There

“Where you direct your gaze on a motorcycle is where the bike will automatically want to follow. When spotting a pothole, focus on where you want to go instead if you want to avoid breaking your fork.”
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The 5 Things You Must Do At Every Networking Event

Networking business Developing our businesses still means continuously meeting new people, new suppliers, new referral sources, new clients. Obviously, networking is still one of the most effective ways to do so.
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Productivity Tips: How To Get The Important Stuff Done In Your Business

productivity business It’s one of the great frustrations of small business. Everything is down to you, the owner. When a client is irate, when a supplier is unhappy, the bank has an issue or when the toilet paper runs out, it’s down to you.
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You’re Never Too Old to Become an Entrepreneur

Ageism Entrepreneur Small Business Coach If you’ve started noticing that you are being treated as a senior citizen at work… Tell ‘em all to take a running jump and start your own thing.
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How to transform an ordinary conversation into an extraordinary one

Conversations Listening Business Coach I think our conversations are like that a lot of the time. We look for an opportunity to put our own two-bob’s-worth in and while on the lookout for that, we cease to listen to the other half of the conversation
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What Does A Typical Business Owner Look Like?

business acumen Business owners are people who cannot conceive of having their lives controlled by others.
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A rose by any other name… Is Your Business Coach Really A Consultant?

Business Coach Australia The International Coach Federation is one of the most serious bodies trying to regulate the coaching world, but I would hazard a guess that not even 10% of professionals that refer to themselves as coaches are members of the ICF or any of the other professional coaching bodies.
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