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Business Partnerships Are Disasters Waiting To Happen

partnership in business Business partnerships are by definition intense affairs, you spend more time with each other than in your marriage, you have to work together towards a common set of objectives the whole time, and you don’t actually love each other like you do your spouses.
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The Skinny on Online Marketing in 2017

online marketing for business The principles of marketing are as they’ve always been: People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust. But in 2017 Trust is built online and in Social Media. How do you get to Trust as quickly as possible in your business?
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The 5 Things to Master in your Small Business in 2017

2017 new year New Year’s (and all time’s) advice to build a Fun Business that sustains you for years to come. The top Five things you must focus on in 2017 and beyond
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How To Make Your Business Hum Along In 2017 With The Right Apps

Software and Apps for Business How do you go about answering the type of questions every small business owner needs to ask him or herself, every day, every week and every month. If you can’t answer them in your business, you’re managing with your fingers crossed, hoping everything will be alright.
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Successful Entrepreneurs are Resilient People

Successful entrepreneurs and Resilience Accepting that anything could happen, good stuff as well as bad stuff, doesn’t make one a pessimist. Pessimists will imagine the worst. Optimistic realists on the other hand, accept that bad stuff will likely come their way, but they back themselves to be able to manage their way out.
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When Buying a Business is a Bad Idea

Escaping the rat race and buying a business I do think the business John is looking at buying is healthy. And yet I told him not to do it.
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What I learned about business and myself in 2016

Careful what you wish for, Business One of the reasons we procrastinate is that we aren’t clear on what it is we are meant to be doing. I suddenly realised a few months ago, that I was stuck in the middle of exactly that kind of procrastination swamp. I didn’t know what I was meant to be doing, because there was nothing to do.
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Slow and Steady Wins the Race in Small Business

Small Business Competition The competition is irrelevant. Most of them start up and fall over again (85% disappear in the first 5 years), because they don’t dot the I’s and cross the T’s. If anything your competitors effectively prepares the customers for you to get it right for them
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