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Why It’s OK Being Small in the Business World

I’m not qualified to make judgements about the world of large business, but I do know about small business and in small business there is simply no rationale to keep growing and growing… just because.
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The Market: Finding Your Niche

we love customers If you and your customers offer the same service and product to the same market, all that is left is to compete on price.
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4 Steps to Real Fun in Your Business

4 Steps to create REAL FUN in your business How to create maximum Fun in your business In part 1 of this series of articles I wrote about how 3 letters, FUN, are the most important thing to focus on
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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Laura Had a Fashion Label

1001 Business Bedtime stories… Laura had a fashion label… Truth 2 Here follows another one of the “1001 Business Bedtime Stories”. Every one of the “1001 Business Bedtime Stories” come straight from the New Perspectives Small Business Bootcamp, stories of
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