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Sales, Profit and Cash Podcast

lemonade kid In a Fun Business that sustains you for years to come you must keep your eye on all three aspects business finance: Revenue, Profit and Cash… but cash is the key to survival
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Reverse Mentoring

old dog Ever heard about “reverse mentoring”? The idea is to take on a mentor who is half your age to get with the times in respect modern communications and use of social media. Senior business people should acknowledge that they might be be wise in business but largely clueless about social media and new forms of communicating and marketing.
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Networking: Getting Involved In Your Community

plumber Nobody but you “gets” it… do they? … wrong… some of them do “get” it… those people are called fellow business owners
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Masterminds observations… Love over Hate

Love over Hate Business Masterminds Observations   The illusion of “The Power of One” I am reading “Love over Hate, finding life by the wayside” link to the book by Graham Long, pastor and CEO of the Wayside Chapel in Sydney .This is
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How to Measure Fun in Business

Fun-O-Meter “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”
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