Masterminds Observations…Passion and Purpose


Masterminds Observations…Passion and Purpose

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One of my favourite books is “Rework” by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, founders of software company 37Signals. In the reworkchapter “Building to Flip is Building to Flop” they say this: “When you build a company with the intention of selling it, you focus on the wrong things. Instead of focusing on getting customers to Love you, you worry about who is going to buy you. That is the wrong thing to obsess over”

That is exactly what I think when I hear all the gurus and business coaches talking about the exit strategies and the need to focus on that.

There is only one thing to focus on every day when you want to start a business, and that is: How do I build something that my customers will love more than any other business out there?

All the greatest and most Fun small businesses that have ever been built, ask themselves one question, every day: “What else would my customers love?”

If you focus on that and nothing else, everything will fall into place and you’ll have as much Fun as you can handle

The Fun in Business Program

The Fun in Business Intensive Program

The adventure of a lifetime: discover your unique, beautiful business and life

The New Perspectives Fun in Business Intensive program is a transformative 6-12 month business-and-life coaching, mentoring and guidance program designed for individual business owners, business partners and husband-and-wife teams who want to build their own unique, beautiful business and life – while having more Fun in business!

Are you overwhelmed in your business, and would you like to get unstuck?:

The Fun in Business Intensive program is designed for business owners who find themselves operating in a near constant state of overwhelm and frustration. If you’re fed up with the struggle and ready to roll up your sleeves, I can help you start building a beautiful business today.

The Fun in Business program is based on the core principles of my book series “The Ten Truths Trilogy: Business books for people who don’t read business books but should”. I would suggest you check out the third one, in particular: “The Ten Truths for Making Business Fun” (a fun read, of course). You can download all my books for free here [link].

My all-inclusive method involves combining visioning, planning, strategy, accountability, support, guidance, brainstorming and advice with coaching and mentoring methodologies, resources and tools that simply work.

The 6 components of the Fun in Business Intensive program:

  1. Comprehensive online business health check report.
  2. Webinar series: “The Small Business Masterminds™” [link to masterminds info].
  3. My book: “The Ten Truths for Making Business Fun” [link to book download page].
  4. Weekly or fortnightly 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions (face-to-face, Skype or phone).
  5. Unlimited phone and email support.
  6. Access to an extensive library of business development resources and tools.

“Make no mistake; for one person, Roland is a powerhouse of ability, knowledge, support and wisdom.” (Tony Isgrove, Isgrove Painting and Decorating)

What’s fun got to do with building a beautiful business and life?:

Does this situation sound familiar?

You run around dealing with crisis after crisis all day, extinguishing brush fires along the way. You’re the first one in the door each morning and the last one to leave at night. You’re always catching up on admin, emails and quoting after dinner. Your staff don’t seem able to tie their own shoelaces. Clients expect you to serve their needs, personally, whenever they have even a slight cough (even though you’ve got a bunch of perfectly qualified staff to do the work). And to top it all off, you’re barely making any more money now than you were 5 years ago.

Well, I think it’s time we started thinking differently about business. It’s time to appreciate that there is something far greater for us to achieve than making sales, improving systems and generating cash.

Business is Fun when everything is working as you want it to.:

Focusing on the concept of “Fun in Business” is a really effective way to start moving out of overwhelm, stress and “stuckness”. You see, when business is fun, it means that everything is working. It means that you are:

  • Making money and generating cash flow,
  • Making sales,
  • Getting better all the time,
  • Clear on where you’re going,
  • Leading highly engaged staff,
  • Loved by your customers,
  • Proud of the stuff your business produces,
  • Creating the kind of balance in life that is important to you.

Focusing on “Fun in Business” as the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of the health of your business while understanding that all the other KPIs that we are used to measuring are merely drivers to the main KPI (of “Fun in Business”) will change your business and your life.

What makes the Fun in Business Intensive program different?:

My thoughts about business coaching and change are possibly a bit different to what you might expect or what you might have heard from others: I don’t love focusing on hard, inflexible goals. I spend more time working on the person than the business. I believe our partnership’s success is much more about your commitment than my skills (although I will give my genius some credit too). And that’s just the beginning.

If you’d like to get a deeper insight into my “alternative” approach and perspective, feel free to explore these articles:

What makes the Fun in Business Intensive program so important to you?

fun in business program

The Fun in Business program is about going on a journey. A big journey. An adventure even. Why? Because change can only ever happen on a journey. You can never just flick a switch to implement change.

You’ve heard people talk about stepping out of their comfort zone. I agree that we must step out of our comfort zones to create change (and stay there). We need to get out on the ocean because nothing exciting ever happened in the safety of the harbour. Poking your nose out, looking at the horizon and turning back again in time for lunch is not going to change your business or your life.

To change our business and our life, we must hoist our sails, set a course, and above all, we must not turn back. When you are ready to do that, you might want me to tag along on your adventure because:

  • I will help you set a course and adjust it as circumstances change.
  • I will keep you focused on your route and destination.
  • I will teach you the skills you need to keep the ship safe and headed in the right direction.
  • I will make sure you know when to row (and row hard!) and when to let the wind move you for a while.
  • And finally, I have been out on the ocean many, many times… I know how to keep your ship safe.

Coming on a journey with me in the Fun in Business Intensive program will truly change your business and your life forever. I promise you.

 Testimonial by Mathew Stubbs from Stubbs Design Tribe

Free Five Steps to Discovery Process:

Before we engage in any of my full coaching programs, I always advise we follow my “Five Steps to Discovery Process” [link], starting with a free initial chat and then a free 60-minute Discovery Session (via Skype or similar) combined with a short business discovery survey and report. You can book these through any of the contact forms on this page.

In the Discovery Session, we’ll get to know each other, and I’ll gain some insight into what stage you and your business are at. We’ll also discuss your challenges, allowing me to tailor the next steps in the process for you.

Your next step:

Click here to go straight to my online booking calendar to book in a free initial chat, to explore if and how I might support you on your journey of adventure in developing your beautiful business and life. Alternatively, you can read about my 5 step discovery process that is designed specifically to find it if we have the right fit to do great work together.

More reading and resources about Overwhelm, Stress, Change and Fun in Business:

Further reading about overwhelm, stress and fun in business

Masterminds Observations… Small Giants

My Thoughts about a quote from “Small Giants, companies that choose to be Great instead of Big”, by Bo Burlingham.

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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Rebecca Builds a System

The system works! Rebecca gets systemised… Truth 8

Read on to find out how Rebecca learnt that systemisation = less effort + more profit.

Once upon a time… a long, long time ago in a country not unlike Australia… Rebecca ran a consulting business.

She had a team of six consultants and two administrative assistants.

While all her stafff contributed in their own ways, Rebecca was finding there was no consistency across their output. Some jobs would be completed with great results while others were done haphazardly with outcomes all over the place.

Rebecca was spending hours fixing the other consultants’ work and making sure the admin assistants were on track. She was becoming increasingly worried about the quality of the business’s output and concerned her clients might get fed up and leave her.

Rebecca felt she could never relax because she needed to check up on everyone and everything all the time.

She wondered, “How can I make sure everyone in the team is producing consistently good work?”

Rebecca was going nuts.

The Bootcamp

Working in The Bootcamp with me, Rebecca came to understand that she needed an overarching system so that everyone knew what they needed to do.

The biggest lesson Rebecca learnt was that once you put a system in place you don’t have to think about it again (well, not immediately at least!). Good systems free you up to get on with the real work of your business.

In the Bootcamp Rebecca and I talked about the principle of, “Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.” She started tracking different jobs and looking at what was and what wasn’t working, and found that:

Result 1: Successful jobs always had more time in the briefing stages than jobs that were rushed in.

Result 2: Successful jobs always had a simple document register attached to the filing system for the project.

Result 3: Successful jobs had one person who was responsible for keeping the documents register up-to-date and the filing system organised.

From these findings, Rebecca was able to put in place the following actions:

Action 1: She created a series of minimum benchmarks for the briefing stage of any project, no matter how rushed the client was.

Action 2: She assigned one person as the responsible officer for the filing system and document register for each job.

Action 3: She implemented a monthly ‘systems meeting’ where she would go through each job with the responsible people and check on the briefing stages, the filing systems and the document registers.

The difference in just a few months was remarkable. Peace and calm reigned in Rebecca’s office because everyone knew what they should be doing, how they should be doing it and when they needed to have it done by. Happily Rebecca can now take a day off here and there to focus on her favourite hobby… photography.

Systemisation really does mean less effort and more profit.

Ask yourself… Where will you find the courage to build a remarkable business? 

1001 Business Bedtime Stories… When Courage Leads to Money to Spare

1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Truth 4: Cashflow

Ever wondered why sometimes we don’t succeed, even when we know how to solve a problem? Find out how Vivienne overcame her cashflow problem and now couldn’t be happier.

Once upon a time… a long, long time ago in a country not unlike Australia…

Vivienne owned a consultancy that helpe

Truth 4 – Financial Management

d businesses implement OH&S practices in their workplaces.

She worked hard and had plenty of clients. She knew her market and had priced her services appropriately, but found she was forever struggling to pay the bills at the end of the month. There was nothing wrong with her profitability.

Cashflow was the obvious problem. But knowing this didn’t solve it.

Each week Vivienne thought, “I know my cashflow is hurting the business but it’s hard to makes changes and I don’t know how to do it.”

Vivienne was losing sleep.

The Bootcamp

When Vivienne joined me in The Bootcamp two years ago she made a wish and committed to it. She said:

“I wish to have money left over at the end of each month, and I am going to do whatever it takes to get there.”

So we got underway…

Now it didn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the first step on the path was to design a consistent debt collection strategy… We worked out a system of weekly actions and follow-ups and, most importantly, Vivienne vowed to stick to it with machine-like consistency.

So she did… and it took a lot of courage.

Vivienne started using the system, week in, week out, no matter how unpleasant some of the phone calls were or how yuck she felt getting debt collectors involved. She had the courage to honour her commitment to herself and to keep going until her cashflow problem was solved.

After six months of this relentless focus, it was clear that Vivienne’s business and her life would never look the same again.

Now… two years later, Vivienne is putting cash aside every month in an investment account and, I might add, she looks 10 years younger.

And Vivienne will live happily ever after… The end.

Ask yourself… Where will you find the courage to make profound things happen in your business?

Tony Had a Cornershop

A 1001 Business Bedtime stories… John had a cornershop

Here follows another one of the “1001 Business Bedtime Stories” … Every story comes straight from the New Perspectives Small Business Bootcamp, stories of business and courage . You might recognise some of them from your own experience.

Once upon a time… a long long time ago in a country not unlike Australia… John owned a cornershop in the inner city…

Running a cornershop in the inner city is hard, there are corner shops everywhere and then there are the 7-Elevens and city express stores and even Woolworths and Coles get in on the act from time to time.

The hours are insane, profitability is minimal and the Competition is just crazy.

Tony often caught himself thinking: “How can I escape this trap of deadly competition with my neighbours, so we can all have a better life”

The Bootcamp

Working in The Bootcamp with me, tony came to realise that the only way to escape the competition trap was to make the competition irrelevant.

The way to make the competition irrelevant is by making yourself truly unique, by creating something that is completely different from everything else out there.

So he did… it took a lot of courage… But Tony decided to become “The Best Small Supermarket in Sydney”.

The day he made this decision, everything changed. Sydney has great corner-stores, handy convenience stores, big Coles and Woolworths, sexy delis and grocers, but there is only one “Best Small Supermarket in Sydney”.

2 Years later, Tony opened a second store and he is now looking for his third. Tony’s customers love him and love stores, profits are many times what they were 3 years ago and Tony is creating something really special in the Inner City of Sydney

Ask yourself… Where will you find the courage to make Profound things happen in your Bushiness?

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Or follow this link to New Perspectives Business Coaching

Emma’s Best Friend

A 1001 Business Bedtime stories… Emma had a friend…

Here follows another one of the “1001 Business Bedtime Stories” … Every story comes straight from the New Perspectives Small Business Bootcamp, stories of business and courage . You might recognise some of them from your own experience.

Once upon a time… a long long time ago in a country not unlike Australia… Emma was a business owner…

Emma had an old friend Natasha who had worked for Emma for a long time, ever since she set up her business.

Emma’s business was doing really well, but Natasha had stopped growing along with the business a while ago. The tension in the office was becoming a real problem for Emma and she found herself secretly hoping Natasha would call in sick most days.

“I don’t understand why Natasha hasn’t resigned ages ago, hopefully she will this week” was a thought that went through Emma’s head often.

The Bootcamp

Working in The Bootcamp, Emma came to realise that “keeping my fingers crossed that Natasha will leave soon” is simply business management and as the owner of the business is was her responsibility to make the tough decision.

So she did, Emma took Natasha to lunch and broached the topic

It took a lot of courage… but now a year later Emma and Natasha are still friends and Emmas business is free to grow again.

Ask yourself…  Where will you find the courage to make Profound things happen in your Bushiness?

Find out more about the Small Business Bootcamp here

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