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Getting clear about the perfect clients for your business

Let’s say someone wanted to help you get more clients and they had a database 6000 small business owners. How can such a person go about identifying those 5 to 10 perfect introductions for you from amongst the database of 6000?
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Small Business Innovation and My Beautiful Laundrette

The big question was how I could get the great turnover of a city laundry in Maroubra. The stumbling block appeared to be being located in Maroubra but in fact that became my stepping stone
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Business Journeys GlowWorm Podcast

bike shop Maurice explains how he went from being passionate about solar energy and bicycles to building a specialised business selling electric bikes and then learning how to become completely hands off in the management of the business when he leaves the country.
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Resilience is the Key to Building a Great Business

To be a successful small business owner I believe you must live higher up the resilience scale than the average person, because the journey of building a small business is full of traps and snags
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Masterminds Observations…Passion and Purpose

rework Masterminds Observations…Passion and Purpose If you enjoy this article click here to get a copy of one of the “The Ten Truths” books for business owners for free One of my favourite books is “Rework” by Jason Fried and David
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grandfather Sep 2013 What becoming a Grandfather taught me about Business If you enjoy this article click here to get a copy of one of the “The Ten Truths” books for business owners for free I’ve become a Grandfather in the
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Time Management

Business Masterminds Observations Time management for smart business owners: Here is a brilliant anecdote from “Double your profits in 6 months or less” by Bob Fifer. (Link to the book) The book is full of brilliant tips and advice, I highly
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SBP Overwhelm and the Fun in Business Intensive Program

Business transformation doesn’t arrive overnight; It’s about journeys, about getting out on the ocean and setting sail for the horizon. I have created the The Fun in Business Intensive to make it safe for you to go on a great journey of change in your business and your life. The adventure is never for the fainthearted, but it’s worth it, every time… I promise you.”
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Masterminds observations… Small is the New Big by Seth Godin

  I came across this quote by Seth Godin in “Small is the new Big”   “Too many companies believe that their owners would have them make schlock and alienate their customers for the sake of profit…”   Odd really…
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1001 Business Bedtime Stories… Rebecca Builds a System

The system works! Rebecca gets systemised… Truth 8 Read on to find out how Rebecca learnt that systemisation = less effort + more profit. Once upon a time… a long, long time ago in a country not unlike Australia… Rebecca ran a
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