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The Skinny on Online Marketing in 2017

online marketing for business The principles of marketing are as they’ve always been: People do business with people they Know, Like and Trust. But in 2017 Trust is built online and in Social Media. How do you get to Trust as quickly as possible in your business?
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The Market: Finding Your Niche

we love customers If you and your customers offer the same service and product to the same market, all that is left is to compete on price.
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SBMM market

If you and your competitors offer the same thing to everyone, all that is left is to compete on price
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First Steps to Establishing Your Market

First Steps to establishing a market for your business ©by Roland Hanekroot, New Perspectives Coaching 2013 What does it take to make a success of your small business… how can you avoid adding to those frightening statistics about failure rates
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Your customers and Sabre-tooth tigers.

Your customers and Sabre-tooth tigers. There is a small almond shaped region in our brains, called the “Amygdala”. It is one of the most primitive regions deep in the base of our brains. As business owners we need to get intimately
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Blue Oceans and clear pools

Blue Oceans and Clear Swimming Pools Or the business lessons I learnt in an Italian “Piscina” By Roland Hanekroot, New Perspectives Business Coaching A few years ago I spent 4 months in Italy looking for the answer to the meaning
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