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A new approach to getting the best from your teams

A new approach to getting the best from Teams Putting imagination to work as a “hard edged” business tool for accountability and creating sustainable business outcomes Imagination has long been thought of as a soft, “feel good” concept that has
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Your customers and Sabre-tooth tigers.

Your customers and Sabre-tooth tigers. There is a small almond shaped region in our brains, called the “Amygdala”. It is one of the most primitive regions deep in the base of our brains. As business owners we need to get intimately
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Business Plans that work

A business without a Business Plan achieves everything in it! Yet, why do they have so little impact? We all know the mantra: If you want to have a successful business, you need to have a Business Plan. A truer
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Profits are a liability

Profits are a liability   What do you want for your birthday? My birthday is this month and what I want is my business to grow 50% this year. Would you like one of those too? Ok that can be
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