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BQ Work-Life-Balance

Many of the greatest thinkers about business and work believe that Work-life-balance is an unattainable dream, at least in the way we generally think about it. And you know this is true too, because in the real world of your business, if anything is to get done at all, it’s all down to you; if you don’t do it, the whole thing collapses like a house of cards.
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BQ The 7 Big Questions for business owners who want to build Beautiful Businesses and Lives

Most business owners will come face to face with each of The 7 Big Questions of Small Business at some stage on their quest to Discover and Build a Beautiful Business and Life. If you haven’t faced all of them yet, you will, I promise you.
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The Work-Life Balance myth for Small Business Owners

work life balance Work-Life Balance is a myth, silly idea. It is!, for small business owners at any rate, because your business is your life, isn’t it? So how do you go about creating a balance between two things that are largely one and the same? And by all means, put your life into your business but don’t let your business take over your life!
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Hard work never made anyone rich

After spending 15 minutes observing the tree so closely I realised that I had to climb across it with great care and attention so as not to disturb and destroy the beauty of the tree. As I continued my walk I started thinking about the tree, its beauty and the important lesson I had just learnt by taking the time to observe this particular obstacle closely.
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