The Ten Priorities; Priority #2: Doing Nothing

Ten priorities doing nothing

What’s the best use of your time?

This is the second post in the series of The Ten Priorities: Laying the Foundations for a Great Business and Life. The second Priority is about Doing Nothing. The introduction to this series on The Ten Priorities is here.

The other question I sometimes ask my clients is: What do you think is the best use of your time?

And of course, people generally walk into that little trap just as blissfully unaware as the trap I set in Priority #1.

People will mention delegating, sales, customer service, marketing, planning, leadership, quality control, systems, financial management, coaching staff, you name it. Every function in the business has at some time been offered as the answer to my question.

The answers is : No – Thing

But the most important use of your time is: No – Thing… The most valuable thing you can do with your time as a business owner is to put your feet up on the desk and do nothing for an hour. No phone, no email, no interruptions… and THINK.

There is the work of the business, and then there’s the work of the business owner. The work of the business can often be delegated or outsourced. But the work of the business owner can only ever be done by you. And thinking, reflecting, day-dreaming even, is the ultimate work of the business owner. (More about doing nothing here)

When you make the conscious decision to get rid of all other distractions for a while, your brain will blossom, you’ll start to think more clearly, you’ll be creative and resourceful again and you’ll suddenly see opportunities and solutions you never saw before.

Go to a café, go for a walk, go and sit on a bench in a park… and do … nothing … It will transform your business… I promise you

There is a great article on Business Insider about the benefits of doing nothing but thinking here

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Next week, Priority #3: Having Fun

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