Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better in Business

small giants

small giants by bo burlinghamDo you get the feeling, wandering around the shops in this pre-Christmas week and seeing all the bulging shopping bags, that plenty of people still think ‘bigger is better’?

One person who doesn’t is Bo Burlingham (on today’s reading list). Burlingham has this great line, “Resisting the pressure to grow is one of the hardest challenges any successful business owner can face.”

Interesting idea hey, when it is such an accepted axiom that growth in business is always good, and the faster the growth the better.

Funny thing is, there is absolutely nothing that says growing is better than not growing. In fact plenty of otherwise successful businesses have gone broke or the owner has lost control simply because the company grew too quickly.

You can build a remarkable business by not growing past a certain point and just getting better and better instead.

So bigger isn’t better; better is better.

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