Why you need a business – life coach

why you need a business coach

Are you the bottle neck in your business?

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Which Business – Life coach is right for you?

A friend of mine and former client, Geoff Anderson, recently wrote a guest post on my blog titled: “Why I didn’t need a business coach”. Here is the link: https://www.newperspectives.com.au/need-business-coach/

It’s a lovely article and what’s more, it actually led to me gaining a new client, someone else who “didn’t need a business coach”. Methinks I owe Geoff lunch, this Friday in Potts Point. (More detail about the different forms of business support that are available to small business owners and how to find the right coach)

I myself have never been without a coach, a mentor or someone of that ilk in the past 12 years, even though I clearly “never needed one either”.

So maybe it’s now is the right time for you you: How do you know it’s time to find a business – life coach; what kind of business – life coach should you look for.

Wild West

One of the reasons it’s so confusing to answer those questions, is that business coaching is an undefined and unregulated profession. Nobody actually knows what the definition of a business coach is, or worse what makes a good or bad business coach. If you decide to put up a shingle and call yourself a business coach tomorrow, there’s nothing to stop you doing so. The coaching world is a bit of a Wild West. There are many different types of coaches and the quality of their services varies enormously.

I refer to myself as a business – life coach, but few business or life coaches support their clients in the same way that I do.

Roughly speaking I believe there are two big distinctions to make. The big mass of business coaches out there can be divided into those who have a business development system that they want you to buy from them and implement with their help, on the one hand and then there are those who generally operate on their own and work with you to develop yourself as an effective business owner and leader and work with you to create your own systems and improvements. The first group largely relies on the quality of their standardised business development system to help you create the business you dream of (examples of the coaching companies in this mould are ActionCoach, Emyth, Shirlaws, Gallop Solutions and many others). The second group largely relies on the knowledge and business experience of the actual coach and is based around a committed personal relationship between the client and the coach (I myself am firmly in the second camp and have started distinguishing myself from the first group, the conventional business coaching companies by introducing myself as a Business – Life Coach).

Sitting here, not knowing anything about you, I can’t tell you which of these models is going to be right for you. I’ve known business owners who’ve done really well with companies such as Gallop and Shirlaws, and others for whom the standardised business systems haven’t worked at all. Similarly I’ve know many people who have thrived in the individual coaching model and others who preferred the standardised approach.

It’s personal

Why you need a business coachIt’s personal. The first model is all about getting the best systems into the business first and the second model is all about developing the people – the business owner specifically – to change their mindset and grow as leaders and entrepreneurs and allowing the rest to follow.

It’s a classic “Chicken or Egg dilemma”: people first and systems later, or systems first and people will follow? Once you’ve decided that like Geoff Anderson “You really don’t need a business coach”, How do you proceed?

I’d like to suggest you ask yourself this question:

What or who is the greatest bottle neck in my business?

Is it:

  1. Our lack of quality systems
  2. Me

If your answer is A, go and have chat with Business Benchmark group for example, they’re a good organisation.

If your answer is B… book in a free discovery session with me below. Either option is a great one… Just make sure you take one of them.

Business Life Coaching and the 7 Big Questions of Small Business

Business owners frequently ask 7 Big Questions about how to Build a Beautiful Business and Life.

The seventh of the Big Questions is: How do I find the right support in my business?

I believe there are 7 main types of business support you can engage with to help you build your beautiful business. Coaching, specifically business life coaching is one of those options, and the type of support I practice. To find out if what I offer could be right for you at the stage of business development you find yourself in I suggest you check out my 5 step discovery process which is designed to answer the question: Is it a good idea for us to work together (and the first steps in that process are entirely free).

There are a number of articles on this site that explain how business life coaching and other forms of business support can be of benefit to you.

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