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Narinder Singh is the owner of QE Foodstores in Sydney. QE Foodstores has grown to become a small chain of highly successful small supermarkets in the innercity areas of Sydney and Narinder and his team take great pride in providing the best of everything in their supermarkets.

The Purpose of QE Foodstores is:

We Strive to Make Quality Food shopping Easy

Below is what Narinder wrote about his journey to becoming a great small business owner and making QE Foodstores a success. You can feel free to contact Narinder direct on:

Mb Phone: +6140423-0093



Narinder’s story:

I was 20 When I first started my business in Darlinghurst in 2002.  I had lot of energy to do very well in business and worked very long hours 7days a week for the first few years.

Due to working long hours I never really struggled to pay my bill. But far from earning comfortable living.

In 2006 I realized I cannot keep going the way I was going and almost decided to go back to NZ. My younger brother came to rescue me from working 7 days a week and sell the shop to go back. Lucky we couldn’t sell it at the price we wanted.

In 2008 decided to stay here and realized we might not be doing business they we suppose to and there must be opportunities out there to do very well here in Sydney in this business.

My friend  Sean Kirk referred  me to Roland Hanekroot.  I met Roland for the first time at Unas restaurant next door to out Darlinghurst shop. I wasn’t sure what to expect from business coach and I was little bit nervous.  But nerves disappeared very quickly and in same meeting found my self-comfortable with Roland and committed to start working immediately.

Roland helped me understand the ABC of business. Started setting up goals and work out action plan for the week. Doing that week and week out my business grew and confidence grew in doing business.

Roland helped me put systems in place to reduce frustration of day to day business and quickly realized frustration exist because either there is no clarity or system to deal with issues exist in business.

So Roland gave me a lot of clarity and helped me putting systems in place to deal with challenges.

Before I knew I was the same 20 year old charged up new energy to create something speciall

I worked with Roland for 2.5 years straight and still do on occasional 6 month boot camp.

Today we have 7 stores and 8th one on the way on oxford street Darlinghurst and goal is to open 50 stores by 2030.

If you have any question please contact me,

Narinder Singh

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