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The Key Questions of Business, tackled in a fun environment with fellow business owners


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Next Masterminds Session on Fun in Business on Wed 21st July

Exclusively for business members of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce who want to develop their businesses further.

(Workshops are free for Chamber members, all we ask is $25 inc GST to cover nibbles, drinks, resources and venue hire (Venue: The Library meeting rooms at 8 High street East Launceston). 

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SBMM masterminds brainstorming Every third Wednesday of the month commencing on 17 March 2021 from 6.00pm to 8.30pm, The Launceston Chamber of Com(session merce will host the Launceston Business Masterminds workshops. (Venue: The Library meeting rooms at 8 High street East Launceston) The workshops will be run by myself, Roland Hanekroot from New Perspectives Coaching, exclusively for business members of the Chamber. Book here now

The workshops will be fun, interactive and thought provoking. You will walk away with one or more simple practical actions you’ll be able to implement in your business immediately, in the days after the workshop and your business will slowly but surely start to change along with the simple actions you’ll take after each workshop.

The first 9 topics:

The workshops stand alone and you can come to one or all of them as you like. Each workshop will tackle a specific topic. The first five topics will be:

  1. 17th of March (session completed… contact me to find out when we’ll run this topic next): The Big Question of Small Business: What is the Purpose (with a capital P) of your business, and why would anybody care? (And no, it’s not making money)… Follow this link to more resources about the topic
  2. 21st April (session completed… contact me to find out when we’ll run this topic next): Marketing: How to get more of the clients we want ( and less of the ones we don’t want) … Follow this link to more resources about the topic
  3. 19th May (session completed… contact me to find out when we’ll run this topic next): Customers: How to create Raving Fans and have your customers do your marketing for you … Follow this link to more resources about the topic
  4. 16th June (session completed… contact me to find out when we’ll run this topic next): Kpi’s, Dashboards, Measurement; Business is a numbers game, how to learn to love your numbers … Follow this link to more resources about the topic
  5. 21st July: How to make business Fun (click here), and why it’s the most important thing to focus on in your business … to more resources about the topic
  6. 18th August: Time management for business owners (click here)
  7. 15th September: Finances and money (click here): Profit and cash are our bread and water in business
  8. 20th October: Planning (click here) and strategy. A business without a Plan achieves everything in it
  9. 17th October: Leadership: What does it mean in small business

The Ten Truths and other resources:

The topics are largely based around various chapters of my books: The Ten Truths Trilogy, business books for people who don’t read business books… but should.

The books are available to be downloaded for free from this page here, along with many my other business resources.

You will also be able to purchase the books from me on the night if you like for $10 each or $20 for all three (but only in cash… and I won’t have any change on me either 🙂 )


Future topics

Future topics will also be based around chapters in The Ten Truths books:

  • Planning: A business without a plan will achieve everything in it.
  • Profit and cash: The real reason profit matters and how to actually make some.
  • Time management: The two questions to focus on to become a time management ninja.
  • Sales: Nothing happens until we sell something… how to become the sales machine you’ve always dreamt of.
  • Mental health and wellbeing for the most important person in your business… You.
  • Quality assurance, continuous improvement, systems, innovation: Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t… How to build a business that humms along like a well oiled machine.
  • Staff engagement and management: How to get the right people on the bus, in the right seats, facing the right direction?
  • Leadership: How to become the most effective leaders of our business and fix world hunger and climate change while we’re at it.

What you’ll get:

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  • There will be finger food, wine beer and juice, and a number of resources.
  • There will be a maximum number of 12 registered attendees and they will all be business owners like yourself. You’ll get valuable input and advice and tips from up to 11 other business owners just like you, who “get it” plus Roland’s many years of experience running and coaching businesses of all types and sizes.
  • During the workshop you’ll get to work in twos, threes and fours with most of the other attendees, as well as with Roland himself.
  • You will walk away with insights around the topic, relevant to your business and you will have connected with an accountability buddy that will help you implement the actions you commit to during the evening.
  • You will get a worksheet to record your insights and actions.
  • There will be a bunch of resources available to take home or link to online, to help deepen your learning and insight.
  • The workshops will go for between 2 to 2.5 hours (depending on the topic and number of attendees).
  • You’ll have a lot of fun

What you have to do:

  • If you’re not yet a member of the Launceston Chamber… Take out your membership now at the Chamber’s website here
  • register via the links on this page
  • Have a look at some of the resources on the dedicated landing page for each workshop (see above)
  • Lock it in your diary
  • Turn up on time (5.45 for 6 pm start)
  • Bring a pen and a in the mood to get stuck into the Fun stuff of developing your business.
Sounds interesting, useful, fun, intriguing? You bet, book in now and let’s dig in.

The recorded Small Business Masterminds Webinars

I have also run many “Small Business Masterminds” webinars in the past on similar topics to those mentioned above. There are recordings available for free on all those webinars. See the links on the various topics below and in the main menu above.

Small Business Masterminds ‘Foundation’ Webinars are about the foundations of small business. They cover the key aspects of business all of us face from time to time when developing our businesses:

  1. Why Fun matters more than anything else in business click here
  2. How to become a Time-management Ninja in two easy questions, click here
  3. The Purpose of Business, why it’s not “Making Money”, and why you should care, click here.
  4. How Profit can send you broke, click here
  5. Old fashioned marketing the modern way click here
  6. Nothing happens until we sell something, click here
  7. Create Raving Fans and have your customers do your marketing for you, click here
  8. Business plans that work, click here
  9. Keeping your finger on the Pulse of the key indicators of the health of your business, click here

The Key Questions of Business Tackled

Business planning. How do we go about creating a business plan that actually becomes an important tool for your business? We tackle a number of those key questions– of business and being a business owner that lie at the basis of any business that sustains you for years to come.

The first question we address in the Foundation webinars is: What is the most important measure of success in business? How do we know if we are doing it well and sustainably. You might be surprised to hear that it’s not “Making Profit”. The most important thing is the word FUN, Fun in business to be precise… ensuring that business itself is as much Fun as you can make it.

The next question we tackle is: How can we become more efficient in the use of our time… How can we become more disciplined, How can we become a Master of our time as business owners… and it all starts with two really simple questions.

The third foundation question we get to the bottom of is: What is the Purpose of my business and why would anybody else care about that? Surprisingly again, the answer is yet again not to do with profit and money.

You will work through the topic with myself and sometimes I’ll invite specialist guest presenters to join us as well.

What you’ll get:

At the webinars, we will dig right in so that you will walk away with a deep understanding of the question and the answers and what they mean for you and your business. You will also walk away with one or more simple practical actions that you can take in the week after the webinar to help you move one step closer to implementing that new understanding in your business and start to build a Fun business that sustains you for years to come.

Come and try out one of my FREE Small Business Mastermind Foundation Webinars. You’ll sleep better at night, I promise you.

See you soon face-to-face or online,

Roland Hanekroot